Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy Day

It's been a busy day. Woke up and exercised for 45 minutes, ate breakfast, got ready for church and lounged a bit before leaving for church. After church, I rushed around like a chicken with my head cut off making lunch. I made a Spicy Garlic Chicken with Jasmine Rice. YUMMY! Todd had to work at 1PM...thus the rush. After we ate, I did a few errends here at the house and then I hightailed it up to Hagerstown. Mom met me at the mall and we shopped for a couple hours. It was a very productive day for Christmas shopping! I got something for Bubby, Cindy, Dad, two of my small gifts for my work secret santa thing, and Todd. Ipuchased our 'yearly' ornament (we started the year we got married to get a yearly ornmament...we are doing the Hallmark 'cool decade' ornaments at this point). I also broke down and got Todd the Star Trek ornament that he's been DYING for. I also splurged and got him the "Major Award" ornamant....from The Christmas Story! I have it laid out on his desk....I can't wait until he comes up and sees it. I also bought some lotion from Bath and Body actually seems to be helping my hand! (A Co-worker had me try now I went out to buy my own!). Oh yes...and I got some three in one Peppermint Wash from Bath and Body. Yes, exciting stuff, I assure you. After all that excitement...I went grocery shopping! Yes, the fun continues! I came home and spent a while in the kitchen washing and chopping all my veggies for my salad, making homemade croutons, and mixing up a batch of salad dressing. SO I'm ready for the week!

I ate wisely today. I'm pretty happy with that. However, with all the running, I haven't drank near enough water! I'm drinking now...but I don't want to waterlog myself!

Sent an email to someone that I once considered one of my best friends. I'm not sure how that will go over. But I felt like I needed to do it. :-)

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