Friday, June 20, 2008

The preliminary results

Well, yesterday I DID get on the bike before I went to work. I made it exactly 15 minutes before I got off. It just wasn't happening. My body was so tired and depleted to begin with! Hey, that's ok...I got some form of exercise into my day! I'd rather look back and say I did something versus nothing! I had my eating plan all laid out. I had left myself a point or two for a evening snack should I need it. BUT, after dinner I went to get a snack. I saw the little containers of tapioca and rice pudding. (One point each). Well, I started wondering how they really compare in taste. SOoooo instead of eating ONE, I grabbed one of EACH and ate them both....alternating bites of course to fully judge them! (I prefer the tapioca!) And then, as if the two little things were not enough, I went to the box of Weight Watchers lemon cakes and had one of those. (once again one point). Well, yeah...those things are all one point items...but together they were at least three points! So I worried throughout the evening...wondering if I had ruined it and if my weight would go up. Well, this morning I got up and stepped onto the scales. WHEW! Huge sigh of relief. Yesterday had me at 180.8. Today i was at 179.8! One pound down. So still a little bit more to recoup my little gain...but all is well! I can do this! I just need to keep my eye on the end result!

Speaking of end results....and some thoughts about where I've been and where I've come from. The last time I went to Hershey Park, I was with my friend Julie and Todd (he and I were dating at the time). This was about 7 years ago. I had just left teaching, a time in which my weight dropped...but by that time, it was already starting to skyrocket back up to my all time highest. I know that at some of the coasters I stood in worry that I wouldn't fit. And in fact, one of the coasters we had to go to the middle row where the restraints were a bit more accommodating for a larger person. How utterly embarrassing. I didn't let it bother me all that much, I liked myself...and my friends liked me, so I just let it slide off of me. BUT, the other day at the park, those memories came rushing back. I was worried that I wouldn't fit. I literally had to keep telling myself, "MaryFran, you are less than 180 pounds, you fit...and you will fit in ANYTHING". It just hasn't sunk in!

The other thing that was an eye opener for me. The turnstiles in the rides! Woah, for so long I had to turn sideways, suck in my gut, and squeeze it all in to get through a turnstile. While leaving the first ride and going through the turnstile, I just started to laugh! OH my word, I just breezed through it! All day it was just amazing to me. Without thinking I'd go into my old 'routine' in which I would suck and squeeze it in to get through....but I didn't need to! Amazing!

Well, as I already said, I was down one pound this morning. I'm tickled about that! I ate a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch. I'll admit that I'm already thinking ahead to dinner...but it's all good! I'll make it. Especially since I'm here at work and the temptations are easier to avoid here. WHY? Well, because I can sit back here in the drive through and ignore the food up on the counter. And secondly, I'm a bit of a closet eater......I would be in much more danger if they were to all leave me alone with that food sitting on the counter! IN a way, that's good, at least here at work!

Rode the bike for 8.75 miles this morning. I plan on getting up early tomorrow and going longer! Anything to push this weight off my body! I'm determined!!!! Especially since I am officially TWO weeks into maintenance! 4 more weeks to go and I will be considered a lifetime member at weight watchers! (meaning I no longer pay!!!!!!) I can do this!

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Deborah said...

You can definately do this!! You are doing great. Only 4 weeks to go! Yay you. We'll have to throw you a blog party when you get there!

It's been so long since I've been to an amusement park. I love those places. I especially love roller coasters. The scarier the better. I went on one at Kings Island where you had to stand up and when I got off I was bleeding. I was holding on so tight that my watch cut into my wrist, but I loved it.