Thursday, June 05, 2008

Settling down!

Here is a picture of a view up on my road. Would you believe that there were people that actually drove under the tree.....that was being suspended by power and phone lines??? Can we say freakin' nuts???
Here is a tree at the Antietam National Cemetery. This was actually outside the gates and I didnt' have the time to trapse through the whole cemetery. BUT, looking in it looks like they lost a bunch of trees! This tree was like many of the others around...the wind literally sheered off the top...and the weight of it falling split the base!
So, what do you do at home when you have no computer, no electricity, nothing??? I was laying on the couch reading and fell asleep. When I woke up my little Ethel Louise was sleeping on the arm of the sofa. My moving to grab the camera woke her up, but as you can see....just barely.
Things are settling down here. THe phones are still out. But the power is back on. The internet is working (cable), we have repositioned the satelite, which was pretty much ripped from it's moreings so we have tv. Uhhhmmm...what else. The yard is pretty much cleaned up. And I was able to stay within my points limits today! SO I'm back! I know that my weight may be up a bit tomorrow morning...but I'll be ok!

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Deborah said...

Stupid, stupid people for driving under that thing.

I was lucky that the storm skipped my area. We got a lot of rain and some wind but not as bad as everywhere else. I heard that several tornados touched down in WV which is unusual for this mountain state.