Sunday, June 29, 2008

My weight was up a bit this morning. But I pretty much expected it. We went out to dinner with mom and dad last night. And while I ate sensibly there, I did come home and sample (ok, I ate) one of the chocolate muffins that I made for my husband (at his request). That pushed me over my points for the day. So it pushed me from 177.2 to 178.4 Not a big deal...I'll get it back problems.

This morning I got up early and read a bit in bed. I then headed to town and ran into Lowes to get one or two things for Todd and then into the grocery store. I brought everything home and I spent the time washing, chopping, slicing and separating everything. My salad 'mix' that I create is ready for me this week. My fruits are washed and in some cases sliced. I made homemade croutons from my low cal high fiber bread. And the ice cream is divied up into the 1/2 containers for this week. I'll admit to tasting the Bryers Cookies and Cream Ice cream. 2 points for 1/2 cup! YUMMY! After everything was put away and the kitchen cleaned.....I headed for the exercise bike. Gotta get in my ride! Shortly I'll be heading to eat my lunch....a salad! YUMMY!

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done around the house outside this afternoon!


Michelle said...

I read this article one time about how even when we're on a weight loss path we still gain and lose weight. The goal being to lose more weight than we gain. But once we hit maintenance it's all about the tiny ups and downs in our weight. Learning to manage these without getting upset is a goal of mine. Sounds like you're doing great with it. I want some of that ice cream! But a half-gallon scares me. Maaaybe if I do the 1/2 cup thing like you've been doing. And only 2 points? I'm seriously thinking about it.

Donna B said...

Thought about the ice cream that I will share with both of you. I buy the individual dixie cups! The ones I buy are 90 cal each, half choc, half vanilla and they satisfy our urge for ice cream!