Sunday, June 08, 2008

I refuse to be bothered!

Ok, so Todd and I are like kids taking pictures of ourselves by
holding the camera out and snapping it ourselves. It's just fun!
This morning my body let me sleep in a bit.....all the way to 6AM. THAT should not be 'sleeping in'. 6AM is freakin' early! But, since I've been waking up between 5 and 5:30...I'll take it! I went to the bathroom and hopped on the scales. .2 pounds up! What?? Yeppers, .2 pounds up...for being GOOD. For exercising. For doing it all correct! No matter though...I'm gonna win anyway. This will NOT get me down!
I hopped on the bike. I have a friend that was planning on doing a 1.5 hour bike ride. And I set a challenge for myself to ride 1.5 also. (albeit, my friend was doing it on road, with hills and in the heat....I was planning on doing it in the nice air conditioned house on my exercise bike!...but's all good). Well, I was about 30 minutes into my ride when Todd rolled out of bed. I had logged 9.36 miles in that 30 minutes though, I was on track for a stellar ride! He looked at me and asked if I wanted to go down to the canal around Harpers Ferry and walk. Well......of course I said yes. First, I love that area. But the added bonus was that I would get to play with my camera some more! So off we went. I got a few miles in walking though so it was not a total loss. After walking, we headed to the outdoor flea market that is in that area. Oh my word, by that time it was getting REALLY hot! Didn't find anything. Came home and made lunch. I tried a new recipe for Beef Burritos. TASTY! I'll put the recipe at the bottom of this entry. As soon as lunch was cleaned up, I headed to Hagerstown. I spent about an hour or so mowing up at mom and dad's (with a push mower of course). Mom and I ran to the mall...but other than that the rest of the day was uneventful! So I was active today!!!!
It's been so hot, I'm wondering if that is also affecting my weight. Could very well be. I've drank a ton of water today. My 64 ounce mug has been refilled twice...yep, I'm on my third mugful of water for today. Yeah, that's a lot more than normal...but remember, almost 10 miles on the bike, walking outside for a couple hours, an outdoor flea market, and an hour of mowing. Ohhh did I mention that it's like 95 out...with really high humidity????
Beef Burritos
1 lb hamburger or turkey (lean lean lean)
1 can fat free refried beans
1 package taco or burrito seasoning
1 cup cheddar cheese (I used fat free)
10 96% fat free whole wheat Tortillas (I used the misssion)
-Brown the beef or turkey, mix taco/burrito seasoning as directed on package. Mix in refried beans. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons on each tortilla, add cheese; wrap. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

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Deborah said...

Cute couple!!

Congrats on getting the extra sleep. And way to go on the bike ride.

Sounds like a rather eventful day to me. You were a busy lady today.