Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A synopsis of my downward spiral

You know, I made it through Hershey Park with flying colors. I headed into the weekend strong...and on Saturday I ate foods REALLy high in sodium. My weight jumped. I was like, "I know why" so I wasn't really worried. Then Todd made plans to eat with friends at a CHINESE restaurant on Sunday....MORe sodium. (oh yeah, we worked outside a lot on Saturday and Sunday...hard to stay hydrated ANYWAY). Well...of course Chinese is a food that just doesn't stick to my bones. So even though I had no points 6:30 (we had eaten at like 4) I was STARVING! I ate and ate! Oh, I had a PB&J, some pretzels, a hundred calorie pack, a pudding cup, ohhh and a little bit of ice cream. Oh yeah, and the ick hit the same day! (A week early...what's up with this every three week thing???? I don't like it!) Since Sunday evening I've struggled with eating. I haven't done too badly. I've stayed relatively 'close' to my points. I've had one or two over each day. (yeah, those flex points are supposed to be there for such occaisions...but I don't lose if I eat to be me!) So my weight is UP UP UP! I didn't go to my weigh in this week........probably because I would have not been considered 'maintaining'.

This week....STRESS city. On Monday, todd had a front tire blow out on his car. Ended up buying 4 new tires. Then his pump on his coolant in his computer (basically his computer is cooled with antifreeze instead of fans) blew up....there goes another $100 (actually probably more when all said and done). AND last night we went out to work trying to get ready for our 4th of July party (actually it's on the 5th).....SOMETHING crawled under the house (in the crawlspace) and died! We started looking for it at 6AM this morning....and we ended up and had to call in a professional! $100 bucks more to find this HUGE cat and drag it away! What else??????


Michelle said...

The saddest thing is missing your meeting when you probably needed it most. Get back to one next week!! Hope things improve.

Deborah said...

The saying goes that it happens in threes. So maybe the money problems are finished with 1. tires, 2. cooler for computer and 3. professional cat remover.

Just put this past week behind you and don't fret about it any more. It's in the past and there's nothing you can do about it. Just concentrate on this week and the future.

Manuela said...

Hi, saw you on the Biggest Loser challenge and your post really sounds familiar.

I did WW and lost over 70 lbs 5 years ago. It went well at first but I got a bit sloppy since then but I'm back on track and plan on staying that way :)

I wonder if:

You've been too strict and haven't allowed yourself a few things. I know that was my problem. It was such fun when I lost EVERY week but 1 for those 7.5 months (yup, lost over 70 lbs. maybe too fast).

You're having a tough time with your success and are maybe sabotaging yourself. I've done this before. I'll have some really good losses and then all of a sudden I have a day or two where I can't stop eating!

Of course, it all may be linked directly to that special time in a lady's life ;)

You'll get back on track and allow yourself a little slip every now and then.

Continued success in the challenge!