Saturday, June 07, 2008

grocery shopping done!

I went to the grocery store today. I had to stock up on all my fruits and healthy foods for the week. I came home and right away set about washing the produce and cutting it up if it needed it (pineapple for one). I have learned that I'll be much more apt to eat the produce if it ready to eat in the fridge. Stuff like green peppers, onions and such that I use in cooking I do prepare as needed. However, if I plan on having salads for myself throughout the week, I will clean , chop and dice that as well. The first picture is some of the produce that I'll be eating this week. Looks yummy! The first picture is my produce that I fixed up for this week. If you notice, most of that first picture is fruit. Well, that is because I can and preserve a good deal. So I have lots of veggies from my garden from last year that I"m finishing off the preserved harvest. The second picture is one wall in my canning pantry from last year. YUMMY! Not the greatest of pictures but you can see some of the jars that are filled and ready to eat.
Tis freakin' hot here! I don't' want to do anything. The only dang thing I've done is go grocery shopping...oh yeah and I"m running laundry through the machines. I'm even too dang lazy to hang my clothes outside and today would be the PERFECT day to do so. OH well.


Alli said...

Wow girl you are a canning queen!! How nice to have all your veggies ready to go like that ... Bet it really cuts down on that grocery bill!!

Deborah said...

I wanna come to your house to eat!!

Can I, huh, huh?

Trisha J. said...

Looks YUMMY!

aaronnssd said...

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