Friday, June 13, 2008

The cheat day must have worked!

Yes, I weighed myself this morning. Let me refresh your memory. Yesterday I was 179.4. I had held onto that weight since Tuesday morning. WELL...this morning I was 177.6!! Wooooo HOOOOO! I am back to my all time lowest weight that I have posted on my home scales! So the little cheat must have kicked my metabolism into overdrive or something. I don't care what did it...just keep hummin' baby!

How did I celebrate my great weight this morning? I got on the exercise bike and rode for 80 minutes. I wasn't aiming for super fast or super goal for today was time the best I could do, but not worried about breaking speed records or anything like that. I did 22.4 miles. Felt good. I was actually aiming to go longer..but my butt was sore and tired of sitting in that same position! tee hee hee. (and while I'm laughing, I'm dead serious). I then went to the kitchen and had breakfast and got ready for work.

Interesting thing I noticed today. Cereal really doesn't 'stick with me' for long. Ok...enough said about that subject.

I laid out my eating plan for today. It's already written in my journal. No I just need to follow my plan. So far so good. I just ate my lunch. And dinner shouldn't be an issue either as what we are having is what we are having. I'll actually have 2-3 points leftover so that i can have a ww ice cream bar or a 100 cal pack or a piece of fruit....something as a treat. panic for the day. I'm at work...and I LIVE for emails. There is not much else to do between customers. You wonder what my panic is???? Well, emails are not coming through to my hotmail account. I KNOW for a fact that Todd sent me an email at 10:27's 12:11 and I still don't' have it! What other emails am I missing? Oh yes....full tailspin panic!

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Deborah said...

Congrats on the loss. Sure hope my cheat kick starts me this week. I am sooooo sick of being good without results. Had to laugh at the celebration you decided on for the weight loss. Way to go.

That's why I never eat cereal for breakfast. No stick-to-it-tiveness.

Hope those emails start piling up.