Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness

Ok, my weight was down a few ounces. SO I feel much better about my day yesterday. It wasn't down by much...but it was down by a bit...and that's what counts!

Got a nice long ride in this morning. 19.7 miles. My knee is still acting up....but I'm simply working through the pain. Ate wisely for breakfast and lunch (an egg and cheese sandwich..and with my ingredients....3 points). A salad (three points), strawberries and a small banana for lunch. I'm making chili for I'll be in good shape point wise. This week is just a terribly busy week. I think I've worked it out that I'll be able to get to a meeting. I'm kinda worried..because I won't be at my normal meeting...and attendance has fallen WAY off at that in it's probably in danger of being closed. BUT, I can't worry about the fact that I'm not goign to that meeting this week. I need to focus on ME and what I can do, and which meeting I can most reasonably go to. (I could go to my normal meeting, but it would require me to either make two trips to town thus wasting gas. OR go into town at lunchtime and stick around town pretty much doing nothing until my normal meeting at 7PM). For me, missing more than one meeting in a row is not an option. I know that for me, I need to go to meetings. ANd I realize that I will most likely need to regularly attend meetings the rest of my life. My plan is to make an effort to attend weekly even after I hit lifetime.

Well, the mower saga. I called the repair place and got the run around once again. And when they finally called me back, they made it clear that they A. think troybilt is a pain and B. don't consider me their customer. IN their words, "You have to understand, we contract this stuff." have my mower...that makes me your customer. Just because the money is coming from someone else..I'm ultimately your customer! Well, of course I got off the phone with them and turned right around to call Lowes (the place I bought the mower from and the people that I purchased the service plan from). They are going to see what I can do. They also told me that they have a fix it fast program...the mower should have been returned to me within 3 weeks of my first call. HELLO....this company didn't even pick it up until 2 weeks after my call. And that was three weeks ago....we are talking 5 weeks! least I"m going to get a $50 reimbursment for having someone else have to mow my yard (since it's been over three weeks) This is just nutty!

Lets see I also called the insurance company that holds our homeowners policy. Before we moved in we only had minimal insurance on the contents of this place. Well, now that we are living here, we have tons more stuff in we are GROSSLY under-insured for contents for this place. We need to get that fixed ASAP. I called and they said that they 'could' do it over the phone but would prefer not Todd and I are going to head in there on Wednesday and get that done.

Ok, researched the cancellation thing with my monthly pass for weight watchers. I had looked and realized that they bill me on the seventh of each month. SO I was gung ho to cancel by that time, to avoid being billed again. I had calculated that I would have just enough time on my current pass to make lifetime. But I read the paperwork that they gave me when I signed up. They will refund if you make lifetime apparently. So I may delay cancelling it a bit. I guess I"m just nervous about cancelling it until I know that I'm not going to need it. It's kinda my safety net!

What is it with Todd and I???? Is there any particular reason why we've had such incredibly bad luck this year? We are almost exactly at midpoint in the year. Will that be the turning point to our year??? Or are we going to have a full year of this crap???????

I was talking to Todd and wanting to get a different bike...a road bike. His words were to start checking out these used sporting goods places. Good idea! I was looking at road bikes last night. My oh my......I saw some that I was literally drooling over. The drool dried up when I saw the price tag though. :-) I've always said I want to eventually get a recumbant bike also...for 'cruisin'. Oh to actually have enough money to get what I want, instead of dreaming!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you made a good decision on the meetings all the way around. You can't keep that meeting afloat all by yourself. And my leader says the most successful lifetimers are the ones that still go to meetings so that's what I plan to do too. Anything to increase my chances of success! I hope the second half of the year is better.

I got my first road bike used on Craigslist. Just make sure you learn about sizing, if you don't already know, so you get the right size. VERY important in road bikes.

Unknown said...

I think it was the month of June with bad luck. You should read everything that happened to me and those around me. July is a new beginning. Only good things from here on out!