Tuesday, June 03, 2008

weigh in results

Above is a picture of my 64 ounce water jug. I actually have two of these. This one and a blue tinted one that is more clear. I carry one of these jugs around with me pretty much everywhere. In fact, it is becoming my 'trademark'. One day I was working at the drive through but happened to step away from my desk. One of my co-workers greeted the customer. Well, when I walked back and talked to the customer this person was like, "I wondered where you were...I saw your mug but you weren't here" OH my......I'm known for my water jug!

A picture of me in my size TEN dress. WOo hooo!!! Size ten. I am still in shock that me, the girl that at my highest weighed in at about 315 pounds is wearing a size ten!!!!

Well, enough on that. I was so super nervous when I stepped onto the scale at my meeting tonight. I lost a whopping 8.2 pounds! 8.2 pounds in ONE week! Oh my word! How in the heck-er-oonie did I do that? That puts me at 179...which is under the doctor set goal weight for myself! So, I officially made it to my weight watchers goal! 6 weeks of maintaining that weight (or under) and I'll be at lifetime! Woo hooo! I"ll have to see if I can get a picture of my goal charm thingy that I got tonight!!!


Trisha J. said...

Awesome job!!! Can't wait until I am down there with ya! Great pics on the last two post as well. You look aweseome!

Anonymous said...

Well done on your excellent weight loss result!

Your pics also look fab and I recognised the "Dear Arthur-itis" post as I suffer (mildly) from arthritic knees. I know they will get better once I lose weight.

Fab to see pics of someone who (you say) once weighed 315 lbs in a size ten dress.

As I started my diet at 320 lbs it now looks more possible to me -- thanks!

Unknown said...

Your pics look fabulous. I hope to someday do the same with my pics. Considering you have done a fabulous "results not typical" job, I think you should post about how long it has taken you, what have you done, what was your turning point, tips, tricks, magic wands...hehe. Would love to know.

Unknown said...

WoooHoooo! What a week! You are amazing! Thanks for showing some of the pictures from where you were at before. You've come so far! You are an inspiration!!