Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sodium Sunday

You know, after our day at Hershey Park, I told Todd that I was going to buckle down and live frugally, well eat frugally...point wise this week. So on Thursday night he comes home and says, "I was talking to Paul, and if it's ok with you ladies, we wanna hook up on Sunday to go to such and such Asian Restaurant" (Paul and Todd love their Sushi...and their Sushi bar that they have on Sundays.....we wives order off the traditional menu). OK.....BUT of course Chinese isn't all that great. But I figured I'd make it. Well, I did fairly well. I got basically chicken and broccoli (but instead of the traditional chicken and broccoli sauce, I got a garlic sauce. Chicken was NOT breaded. I got plain rice instead of fried rice...and I drank water! BUT man oh man.....Chinese food does NOT stay with me. It's only been like 3 hours and I'm HUNGRY again! With no points left for the day! NOT good!

Yesterday I worked outside for quite a bit in the afternoon. I came in to go to the bathroom...and luckily glanced in the mirror. I flipped out at how pale I was. I called out to Todd and yelled that I was needing to stay inside and asked him to take care of putting the chipper away along with the rest of my gear. He took one look at my face and was like, "SIT DOWN...NOW" Well, I rested a bit...and then showered and made dinner. I made this nacho chicken bake. It was pretty good....and actually not that bad point wise. HOWEVER, I should have thought about how much sodium was in the recipe! This morning I was up to 181.2! OUCH. that's up from 179.8 OUCH OUCH OUCH! I know that it HAS to be mostly water retention. I KNOW my sodium was super high yesterday. PLUS then of course the ick hit this morning/early afternoon. SO that added to the water retention issue! SOOOO of course, what do I eat today? Chinese....sodium city again! I don't even know if I want to get on the scales tomorrow morning!!!!!!

I did ride this morning....I knocked out about 17 miles today. woo hooo!

Meanwhile, I'm reading an awesome book. I was super skeptical when it was recommended to me. It is a book by Lisa See entitled, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". I"m not usually into the Chinese culture (what is up with Chinese and this post) but it came highly recommended and the brief synopsis caught my eye because it mentioned the practice of foot binding..which does intrigue me. So I followed the recommendation. I'll be honest, I almost passed on reading it. But I started....and I can't put the darn book down. There have been passages and chapters that I've literally read with my jaw dropped to my chest (in particular the passages when the main character is describing the first weeks of her foot binding). I've gasped and gotten teary eyed at this work of fiction! When a book can do that to's darn good! Lets see...what else have I read this week...... Bought "Turbulance" by John Nance on Tuesday night. Started reading that on about lunch. Finished it Friday afternoon! (gotta love a job I can read at!) Excellent read!!!! I flew through that! Lets see...I had gone to the library on Tuesday...and picked up "the Blue Zone" by Andrew Gross. That was another. I started reading that...and even with being away all day Wednesday (didn't read a word on Wednsday) I still finished that one on Thursday by lunch. Today I was at Ollies and bought a book by Michael Connelly, can't remember the title right at this moment. So I'll probably start that book when I get the chinese based book done! Ahhhh I love to read!!!


Michelle said...

Wow, you've made some incredible progress! And you are cruising toward those free meetings :) I found your blog through the WW boards, thanks for cheering me on about my tri :) I'll be checking in on your progress.

Deborah said...

You're a reader too!!! I get started on one and can't put it down til it's finished then I'm disappointed that it wasn't longer. I just love John Nance books. Haven't read that one (I don't think) so will look into it. I like mostly mysteries but once in a while will pick up one of Barbara Delinsky and enjoy it too.

Glad you stopped when you were looking pale. You may have been heading for a heat stroke.

I'm the same way with Chinese food. Not stick-to-the-ribs food thats for sure.