Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday morning

Sorry to inundate everyone with pictures...I'm just messin' around...and liked this little old building. :-)

My weight. This morning I was at 179.0. Still under 180 pounds so I'm feeling ok. It has crept up 1.4 pounds these last few I know that I need to grab the reins and pull it together now that the dust is settling after our last couple days.

SO, what is my plans to get my weight back down? Well, first and foremost, I have laid out my food plan for the day. I know what we will be eating and have planned my day so that my points are right on target for the day. (with 2-3 points leftoever for a bit of a snack later this evening). I drug myself out of bed at 5:30 and I rode the bike. I did a more hilly route on the good ol' exercise bike. I need to push myself outside in the morning and ride outside...I just hate to go out so early in the morning...on those back roads that are so narrow. And definitely not right now...becaus we still have tree limbs and debris on the road!

Diligence is the key. Staying focused and keeping my eye on the end result. Understanding that life pushed a little and I had not much control over it...but now that the control is back in my hands, knowing that I have to take that control and use it to my advantage.

I think that is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on this journey. Realizing that life is not always going to play by the rules that will allow me to easily lose. There are going to be numerous bumps in the road. Some I will have no control over. Others I'll have very little control over. What I've learned is that I need to just roll with them. Accept them for what they my best on them (or if it's a situation that I chose to do badly, accept it) and move onward. No guilt, no self pity, nothing. I did my best the last few days.....consequentially my weight is up a bit. So, no guilt, no pity...just plans for the future!


Deborah said...

The ups and downs of weight loss are one of the frustrating things we have to put up with.

I'm so glad you have a great attitude about the "bumps" in this road we call life.

You can do this!!!

Deborah said...

Forgot to mention:

Keep the photos coming. I love them. Makes things a little more interesting.

Where has my head been? Up my butt evidently. I hadn't commented on your last two blogs and I thought that I was a thoughtful person and always commented. Shame on me. So I did just now. Please forgive me?

Mal said...

Good insights. I like your attitude.