Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby binge

I didn't have a good day yesterday. I felt so ready to conquer the world yesterday morning when I wrote my entry. However, I got outside and started to work and my energy just drained out of my body. I pushed through it but I was feeling totally wiped out! (I finished 99% of the white painting, pulled up the indoor outdoor carpeting on the screened in porch and started working on re-screening the windows) I don't know why I just had no energy....but I don't like the feeling. I came in and I did push myself to get on the exercise bike. I did about 22 minutes....and just over 7 or 8 miles (I'm at work, don't have the exact mileage with me) before i just had to call it quits!

I had carefully calculated my points for the day. It was all good. UNTIL I came in for the day. And then I had a handful, or two; of pretzels (uhhh do I have to count the dip????...twas fat free dip at least), a weight watcher ice cream bar. I decided to make banana muffins for my down the hatch went some banana bread batter. Oh and after dinner I actually ate a baked muffin. What the heck????????? WAY over my pointage!

So, this morning my home weigh in routine began. I was very nervous. Hopeful that a 'cheat' or 'binge' day would actually help me by getting my metabolism moving. I know that when I first started losing weight (back a hundred and some pounds ago) that i would be vigilent about my eating for 6 days a week, but on the seventh I made it a cheat day. I ate what i wanted. Oddly enough, even on my cheat days I found myself eating healthier than I woul dhave previously...but they were still cheating as compared to my new way of eating. Well.....I started noticing that my weight would actually drop the day after my cheat day. Crazy eh? I don't do cheat days anymore...I find it's sometimes too difficult to bring myself back around to eating healthy. SO my 'cheats' are more or less the days taht I lose yesterday.

The scales....showed me at 179.4. That is the exact same that i weighed the last time (Tuesday morning) that i weighed myself at home! WHEW! Now I know that I've got to be really good...because my body will not hold that weight forever if i continue to have bad days. So far so good today! I did get up and ride. Rode for around 15 miles (once again....I know it's about 15...but I dont' know the's all written down at home). So I feel as if I'm doing good today!

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Deborah said...

I getcha on the one binge day a week. That was working for me too in the beginning but nothing seems to work now. Sure hope it does for you. And if it does let me know what you binged on so I can eat it too and get results.

Boy, I miss banana nut bread. Gonna have to experiment and find a way to make them healthy.

Way to go on all the work you pushed yourself to do without any energy. You've got more gumption than I do. I'd have given in and quit.