Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A battle with the scales...and the scales won!

Faced the scales this morning, I did. Oh boy oh boy. Was I ever tickled to see the results. Oh yeah! (note the excessive sarcasm just oozing from my pores!) My weight....181.6! NOT at all looking for that. I was hoping that my weight had gone down a bit...even just a hair from Sunday's weigh in results! NOT up another half pound! I'll admit though that on top of the sodium issues, I cheated a bit last night....and uhhhhh the night before. I didn't do much...just one or two points above my daily allowance. They "SAY" it shouldn't affect me.....it's flex points I'm allowed to eat. However, I just can't seem to eat my flex points and still lose! Oh well....my nose is to the grindstone. I'm gonna work this plan and get this weight OFF! There are no ifs ands or buts about it!

Rode the bike this morning.....30 minutes, 9 miles. Then Todd and I went out for a walk. We did about 2 miles. :-) The bad thing...we had gone to a place that I had wanted to photograph. Got there and my battery went dead after just a few pics. Yeah, my stupid fault for not having put the battery on the charger! I accept full responsibility!

Hopefully I can get my second round of activity in this evening. Twould be nice. I'll take whatever activity I can get!

Had read about a neat idea. Someone (sorry, can't remember who) wrote that they saved their old pudding cup containers and reused them to create individual portions of ice cream by dishing the ice cream into the cups, and then covering them with saran wrap or tin foil. That seemed like a grand idea to me. So I immediately started saving my cups. BUT as I was washing the first ones that I saved, I realized how incredibly flimsy they were. SOOOO on Sunday I checked out the storage container area at the store. I saw that Glad had 1/2 cup 'disposable' containers. I think they were on sale....$2 for a package of 8 containers. Now, I personally use the disposable containers as long as I can...and when the crack, break or just look disgusting, I pitch them. (I'm trying to switch out household to all glass....but didn't want to sink the money into this project until i know if it works). Sooooo at the grocery store, I bought a half gallon of 'healthy' ice cream. I got home. I put the groceries away....and like normal I put stuff that i wanted to 'prepare' for the week onto the counter. Normally that's fruits and veggies....any dips or things that I want to have fixed and ready to grab. Well, I put the icecream in that grouping of things. I pulled out the containers and dished up the icecream. It was WONDERFUL..the icecream was soft from the drive home...so it dished up like a dream...and I was easily able to fill up the cups. I snapped the lids on and popped the containers into the freezer. And there they sat. I spent about 3 or 4 dollars on the half gallon of ice cream....where as the individual serving cups I spend 4-5 dollars for 3 or 4...and sometimes two. Well, last night after dinner Todd mentioned ice cream. We pulled two out. We each ate our 1/2 cup serving. Worked like a charm! I washed up the containers and they are sitting ready for the next ice cream buying time! WOO HOOOO!


Deborah said...

What a good idea with the ice cream. I also buy the Glad disposable containers and reuse them a lot. I've gotten the one cup size and use it for my portions of spaghetti sauce and chili for the freezer. Even have the stuff to make both right now because my freezer stash is gone.

Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT idea. I am definitely stealing that one! THANKS!!! =)