Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The good news just keeps piling on!

Woah doggie, the news just keeps getting better!

Last week I had blood work done. I hadn't heard anything back from I called today. They pulled up my report. She was like, "yep, everything came back clean" Well, I had to ask a few questions. You see....I suffer from high total cholesterol has always hovered around 250....even after I lost 50 pounds my cholesterol was still at 250. In general, anything over 200 is high.....anything from 180-200 is borderline. cholesterol is now...are you I building suspense??? Anyway, my total cholesterol is now 162! That is almost one hundred points lower!! My HDL levels (the good cholesterol did go up a few points) but the bad LDL level dropped drastically!

I actually slept in this morning....didn't wake up until 6:30. How wonderful is that! I've been waking up at 5 or 5:30 for the last few weeks! I think what happened this 4 or 4:30 (can't remember which) I woke up to a cat coughing up a hairball (more on that incident a little later). I cleaned it up and crawled back in bed. I laid there for about a half hour or so...just day-dreaming, groggy...but not quite awake enough to get out of bed. Well...I fell back asleep. Woo hooo! I wasn't too worried about my bike ride though...because we are planning on going to the gym today. We'll see if it happens. I hope so! (that is the rainy weather plan.....I was going to push mow for umpteen hours...but it's a bit damp and wet out).

Hairball. I woke up to that ohh so terrible sound....Todd woke up at the same time. We both flipped on the lights on our nightstands and we both rose to a sitting position. I was apparently a second behind Todd in my movements. And as he threw the covers off, his hand flew out and whack...hit me square on the nose! OUCH! He's rather upset about it....I keep telling him that things like that happen and not to worry!

My weight this morning...home scale weight... 177.6!

And apparently I was the big loser this
past week in the Blog world summer biggest loser!


Deborah said...

Way to go on the blood work results!!!!! I am so tickled for you. I've got to get mine done this summer and I hope my news is as good as yours.

I had a similar experience last night too. Plan on blogging about it too.

JavaChick said...

Good going on reducing your cholesterol! That is excellent news!


Alli said...

Girl that is awesome, I am so proud of you!!

Unknown said...

Yay, that is such a huge deal!

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