Tuesday, June 10, 2008

revelations from the past few days

Yes, I've had a few revelations these last few days. I will expound on them below.

Number one: I was eating the other day and took a bite of my pineapple. I literally groaned and moaned in near ecstacy from the taste of this pineapple. From Pineapple??? Am I sick? I mean, I've done that from doughnuts, cakes, really tasty bread, pastas, you name it...but from a fruit???? Maybe I'm 'growing' inwardly from this experience.

Number Two: I'm always cold. I froze all winter. Todd complained constantly about sleeping next to a human icicle....one that wanted to cuddle up against him for warmth. Well, it's been a literal sauna around here lately...high humidity and 100 + degree temps. During the day, I leave my car windows up and the car locked (yeah, my husband tells me that it is crazy in a small town/village like this..but it is ingrained in my head). I get in the car and before where I'd be unable to breath from the heat, I've been finding myself leaving the windows up and NOT turning on the air. The warmth of that car is just delicious to me! Am I absolutely nuts??

I'm happy and proud to say that I did come up with a solution for the bedroom. I moved a few things around and thoroughly cleaned (Wednesday is my big cleaning day...but i decided to go for it this morning). I was a bit worried about Todd because his side of the bed.....well actually the space beside the bed is a bit cramped. BUT, you know what.....I moved it this way mainly to accomodate his wishes for the room. Well, he just called me here at work to tell me that he got home and and that he LOVES the bedroom the way it is. WHEW! I also cleaned both bathrooms, and the living room. Swept and mopped the kitchen floor and caught up the dishes in the kitchen. The only thing that didn't really get touched was the library...which doesn't get used all that much so it doesn't get dirty. Therefore, my cleaning is DONE for this week! WOO HOO. That will free up my day for tomorrow so that I can work outside.

Ohhh working outside. I'm a bit nervous. Yesterday morning I worked on painting the inside of the screened in porch (which has no screens at the moment as we are getting ready to rescreen the place). Well...I was happily painting (I'll be done painting it with maybe an hour more work) away. I finished and went in to shower and get ready for work. Well.....Todd decided to tell me about what he saw shortly after i went inside. A snake! ON MY PORCH...inside right next to where I was working! YIKES! Tomorrow I have to finish painting that porch...AND organize all the stuff that's on it in order to get it to storage.....so I can pull up the old indoor outdoor carpet and take care of the floors. (I'm leanign toward painting them......and not putting new carpet down). I dont' like snakies! If I get all my porch stuff done, I'll start working on chipping the next pile of wood that we cut a while back. At least we now have ear plugs for me. Before I was not using ear plugs and my ears literally hurt for a few days thereafter!

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