Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Terribly Lax

 I have been terribly lax on this blog!  I have not been posting regularly and I will be surprised if anyone even reads this....But I'm gonna post anyway.  I am going to post because it is good for me to have a record of my journey.  I am going to post because I need the accountability on my weight loss journey.  SO I'm just gonna do it!

Week five of my 12 week challenge is in the books.  I actually didn't do to bad with the week.  The first few days my calories were right in check!  Then I headed into a long weekend and things got a bit more difficult with my food choices. I never went totally off the rails!  My highest calorie day was right around 1500-1600 calories.  BUT....I know for my body, that is not a lose zone.   I maintained the first part of the weekend and then Monday morning for my official weigh in I showed a gain!  grrrr

I had a doctors appointment last week.  It was just my annual physical.  But I was nervous.  I had a few things that were bothersome.  But they all actually turned out to be 'nothing to be concerned with at the moment.

    * A spot on my face - the spot is just a skin/aging spot. Nothing to be concerned with.  If it starts to bleed or to grow then call them back (or visit a dermatologist).

    * The weird cough and throat clearing I have after I eat (just once or twice each meal) - This is acid reflux.  There is medicine but if it's just a simple cough or throat clear and not bothering me, no need to add medicine at this time.  (Losing weight should help this also!)

    *  My fingers swell during hikes.   This is nothing to be concerned about as long as they are only swelling during hikes and not at random times throughout the day.  (Once again Losing weight should help)

   *  The spot on my lung that was found during my bike accident from last year.   She confirmed that it was just a spot from a previous infection.

   *  She was fully in agreement with my projected 1200-1300 calorie plan and my exercise plan.   Quite happy with it in fact.

    *My bloodwork all came back great.  

So I had a good doctors visit!

We had a nice weekend.  I spent Friday with my mom.  Saturday Jason and I went for a bike ride and did our errands.  On Sunday, we worked on trying to get Kiwi used to traveling.  Yes, we are working to get Kiwi used to care rides (he doesn't exactly like them)!   Overall, we had a good weekend.

SO yes, my weight was up on Monday.  I know that I didn't drink enough water on I'm hoping the weight will correct itself quickly!  But if it doesn't, I know that I am on the right path to health!!!!


Mrs Swan said...

Oh course we are reading. Wondering where you at with the spotty posting though. Lol. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I am still reading. What a great health evaluation. I must admit I have missing more frequent posts. You seem to be doing great! Me? Ugh. I have gained weight and am not getting back on track. I have no excuses other than being lazy. I have been exercising the last few days, but it is my eating that needs work. I have a long way to catching up with you. Keep up the good work.

Paula C

jen said...

Still here, still checking in on you.
Great news re Dr visit.
Keep up your good work.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

My fingers swell during longer walks too. Did the doctor happen to mention what causes that? I am glad none of the concerns you had turned out to be anything serious!

MaryFran said...

She said it is simply edema and it’s caused by the exercise and the fact that my hands are hanging down and not moving. The walking sticks help a lot and she recommended that I keep using them just for my comfort so that my hands don’t feel like sausages about to pop!