Friday, August 06, 2021

Frugal Friday and a NSV

 Hellooooooo Friday!   Good friend, old buddy!   I’ve been waiting a long time for you!  It has felt like a month of Sunday’s since the last weekend…it’s been a trip and a half!  This week I had a weight loss struggle mid week and along with that a wee little NSV.  And since it’s Friday I decided to share my own personal frugal Friday Find!  (Come on now…how could I not since it is a such a fun alliteration!)

Weigh Loss Struggle 

After my not so stellar weekend and weigh in on Monday, I was sure that I would be rocking out this week with my weight loss.  The determination was high!  I was up against the wall.  I have a goal that I want to reach by the beginning of October (vacation).  The goal requires me to lose two pounds a week.  Not losing during this last weigh in was putting me behind schedule and I couldn’t have that!  Motivation was running high!   Determination seemed to fail me around Wednesday!

I had grand plans on Wednesday!  I carefully entered my planned food intake for the day.  I looked at the numbers on MyFitnessPal and I was right in lines.  My calories were right around 1300.  I was golden!  (I am Mfclingan on MyFitnessPal if you want to join me.)  But then lunchtime came. The plan had been to eat some corn (leftover corn that I had cut off the cobs on Monday night) and some cherries.   I was good with that plan. Until I walked into the kitchen!  The first thing I saw was the potato roll that was leftover from the weekend.  Bread!  I love bread! I had been successfully ignoring that potato hamburger roll all week.  I don’t rightly know why I hadn’t thrown it away.  I had thrown away the extra pretzel hamburger bun…but for some reason I left the potato bun. Stupid move!  Really stupid move.  Because on Wednesday I  caved.  Maybe it was the few slices of deli ham that was leftover from making chicken cordon blue the night before that threw me over the edge…but whatever the reason, I grabbed that hamburger bun and that ham and I made myself a ham and cheese sandwich.  (Two slices of cheese and Mayo were also added!)  I wish I could say that it ended there.  But it didn’t.  Chips.  I can usually ignore Jason’s chips.  But with a ham and cheese sandwich…I lost the battle!  Yes, I had chips with my sandwich.  Oh… I still ate the corn and the cherries.  I wasn’t doneI I thoroughly enjoyed the candy that I keep on my desk.  It is my one piece 20 calorie treat in the afternoons. I can usually do fine with it and keep it at that one piece little pick me up treat.    Except on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, it wasn’t one piece.  I’m sure it was closer to 10 pieces.  Ooops!  My calorie budget was shot for the day and I knew it!

A Wee weight loss NSV

Wednesday night rolled around and with it came dinner time.   I had planned and put together a pan of Baked Ziti ln Tuesday night so dinner prep was literally making a vegetable (baked zucchini Parmesan) and throwing some garlic bread in the oven.   I pulled the garlic bread out of the freezer and my mind began do do battle!  I had planned on one piece of garlic bread.  However I WANTED two pieces!   Why not just do it…my calorie budget was were already blown for the day.  Why not just indulge and enjoy.  ‘I can always get back on track tomorrow right?’  Yes, I actually said that to myself. But then I immediately corrected myself and said ‘no…if you eat the bread you will dig yourself deeper into a hole and tomorrow you will just be mad at yourself’    

 I put that extra piece of bread away.  I stuck to the original plan.    And that my friends is my NSV!   Sure my calories were way over for the day but I kept it from being worse.  I didn’t cave to that mentality of “well I already messed up may as well enjoy it.’   That mentality is what has caused my weight gain. It is what keeps me from weight loss.  I stopped it in its tracks on Wednesday it is a victory!  (And that victory set me up for success on Thursday!)

Frugal Friday 

I love a good deal!  I call myself cheap…Jason reminds me that most of the time it is me being frugal!  (Although I can sometimes be a bit cheap too!)   My frugal side came through recently when I was looking at dresses on Amazon.  Now let me say that Jason loves to see me in a dress.  (Something that is even more rare now that I work from home… can I say comfy clothes all week?)   Add to that is the fact that I also love vintage clothes!  I love the style of dresses from the 50’s.   Is it any surprise that I was looking at 50’s inspired dresses?  

And then I saw it!  I saw a polka dot dress that I fell in love with!!  (Amazon link).  Now, I’ve looked at dresses at the mall and random stores. $60 seems to be a decent  figure for the cost of  most dresses. (Low ball figure)and that is why I don’t buy them.  I struggle buying a dress that I will be spending a fair amount of money for but may not wear too often!  I was expecting this dress to be about the same price!  But no!  It was only $30!  Really???  I just had to have it!!!  I ordered it and anxiously awaited its arrival!

It came and I fell even more in love with this dress!  This dress was only $30 and it was a true bargain!   It was my frugal Friday Find!!!  Now I just need to find a place to wear a dress!   Maybe it’s time to spice up my life and get out of my comfy scrubby clothes!!!!

if you want to see a video of the dress and see me wear it,  (and some other bargains) you can check out my video on YouTube at this link.  

I’m heading into the weekend after this week where   I struggled.  But my mental decision to not indulge in destructive behaviors was a huge victory and has rekindled the determination to make this week’s weigh in fantastic!!!!  I’m on a roll.   And, seriously…how cute is that dress?????


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

That dress is adorable! I am frugal too (I definitely prefer that word over "cheap", ha ha).

Mrs Swan said...

You are a super bad influence!!! I love it all! The red dress is sooo cute. I prefer it over the blue myself. I do have a vintage-style dress hanging in my closet though. I should pull it out to show you a picture. It is a size 16 polka dotted dress I loved. Still has tags on it actually. LOL I think those dry-fit shirts look great! The green one looks great too. We are going into town for 2nd covid shots today. Might have to hit up ROSS thanks to you. LOL

Lynn said...

I've seen pictures of my mom wearing those kinds of dresses in the 1950s. Cute!