Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Weigh In Time // Week 6 of the 12 Week Challenge

I have managed to make it 6 weeks in the 12 week challenge that I set for myself.  6 weeks in!   I’ve not given up or wavered in my dedication for the last six weeks.   It hasn’t been easy.    I haven’t always been successful.  But I’m still here…showing up for weight loss each and every day.

My weight has been fluctuating crazily the last week or so.   Last week, my Weight was up.  I was not at all happy.  But I wasn’t deferred.  I have goals and plans. And I want to reach those goals.  I am worth it!  I was going ho to move into the new week and smash it on the scales.

The week was actually a whole lot more difficult than I expected.   I weighed in 2 pounds heavier last Monday for my official weigh in day.   By Tuesday that number was up by two more stinkin’ pounds!   Yes…I’m two days I gained 4 pounds.   My calories were NOT that far out of control….I was eating closer to 1500 calories.   It was totally disheartening and then I had that one day where I just gave in and ate my stress about the scales.  (Yes, i bought into the self perpetuating cycle of eat..gain…eat to feel better!)   Luckily as I wrote last week, when I wrote about my NSV I was able to gather those reigns.  And the weight started to drop.   By Sunday, the day before my official weigh in I had dropped all found pounds and even 1.5 pounds extra! I was super excited!   But on Monday morning when I stepped on the scale for my official weigh in I was back up.   It showed a loss of 2.2…exactly what I had gained last week.  So I recouped that.   That is a relief.  But where did my extra loss go??!

So, for my 12 week challenge…I made a graph.  The green line shows the projected weight I have to lose to meet my goal.  The black (the more jagged line) is my actual weight loss and I chart my loss twice a week.    You can see that I am now ‘behind’ on where I need to be in my weight loss for this challenge.  Not far.  Literally only 1-2 pounds.  This goal is still doable!  It is actually very doable because the goal weight is by my vacation and the 12 week challenge and graph ends a week or so before vacation so there is a bit of wiggle room there.  But not much!   Not matter…I am already 9 pounds lower than I was 6 weeks ago at the beginning of this challenge.  I’m sure I will be even lower by vacation…and that is the win!  (Although I really want to be that lower weight!!)

The scales are frustrating for sure!   But I’m not giving up.  I’m choosing healthy and nutritious foods and that will eventually show up on the scales.  I’m loving healthy.

I sadly expect this weigh in week to be more difficult.  The week should be splendid in other ways though!   Jason and I are both off work on Thursday and Friday.  That’s right, it’s a four day weekend which will be glorious!  But, weekends are more a struggle for me with my weight loss efforts. As our long weekend approaches I am sitting back and giving myself pep talks about how I can easily manage this…I just have to stay focused!  I can do it!


Anonymous said...

9 pounds is fantastic!! I am lagging so far behind you. The scale does suck. I try not to give up but dang it is so hard. This past week I lost 0.6. At least it wasn't a gain. I do good with exercise but eating? Not so much. Have a great long weekend.

Paula C

Mrs Swan said...

Focus is hard. We all know you can do hard things though.
YESSS on the 9lbs!!!

MaryFran said...

I seem to now be on that 0.5 lose period. The last two weeks have been minimal at best! The first month I did great…but now….

MaryFran said...

Yes….we al have the capabilities for sure!!!