Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Wash

This last week was a wash…kinda!

Last week was fabulous in some ways!  Jason and I were both off work on Thursday and Friday (happy birthday to Jason).   That was absolutely wonderful!   We spent Thursday running some errands and getting some things done.  It was a productive day…maybe not exciting but necessary in life.   I had my normal weekly sweet treat that evening. One a week…that’s the plan….right?

On Friday we packed up the bird and ourselves and headed out for a short trip away.  (Mertz the cat stayed home by herself).  We dropped Kiwi off at Jason’s parents who agreed to bird sit and we headed onward. We ended up in Harrisburg, pa.   We visited the National Covil War museum, roamed around downtown a bit and also visited the Fort Hunter Mansion and park.  On Friday I caved and got some cookies and indulged at the hotel.   Ok, two nights of sweet treats isn’t too bad right?

As we headed to pick up Kiwi (the bird) we decided to stop to look at a grocery store  and that store that has donuts that Jason loves. (Ok Jason decided) They didn’t have the donuts…yay!  But the did have this apple caramel cake that he loves.  Uhhh ohh!  Yes we bought some and I had cake on Saturday night.  Yes yes yes..I did!

I actually felt sweet overload after the cake and vowed that Sunday would be different!   And you know what?  It was!  I did much better on Sunday.  No sweet treat for me!  We visited the local zoo on Sunday just to get out and move a bit.  We were laughing at a Scarlett macaw who was very interested in us and crept down the perch to as close as it could get to us.  Yup we offered our arms for it to jump to us. He didn’t take the offer!

I did NOT track a single item during the four day weekend!  Not a darn single thing!  I didn’t eat all that differently than normal…except for the sweet treats….but I can’t be sure of the calories because I didn’t track.  And honestly, I don’t feel one iota of guilt!

Monday rolled around and I started to track my food.  Right back on the bandwagon!

So what is my weight doing?  On Friday…my official weigh in day i weight in before we left for our mini trip.  (I have switched it back to Friday from mondays…I’ll talk about that some day soon)  my weight was actually doing week.  I was about a half pound down!   But Monday morning…I was up by about two pounds!  Luckily, by Tuesday my weight had dropped again….and even a bit lower than my Friday weigh in!  Whew…now just to keep that momentum going!!!

I’m ok with everything and with having a wash…a maintain (or just a wee tiny loss)  we had a great time celebrating Jason’s birthday and spending time together.  Memories were made and that is called living life to the fullest.  I made some decisions but vowed to make those decisions temporary and to get back to the grind as soon as our weekend was over.  And that is just what I did!!  I call that a success!


Lynn said...

I haven't been able to exercise much because of working on this fire...I'm looking forward to getting back to it, but it's good to remember that a little break is not the end of the world!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Jason. I am so glad you both had such a great weekend. You have been so stressed so I think it was exactly what you needed. You are killing your 12 week challenge. I on the other hand not. But I have had several snack free evenings this week. I need to simply focus. Thanks for posting as I need to hear it is being done so I know I can.

Paula C

Rebooting Myself said...

Happy belated birthday to Jason! Long weekends are so nice! Glad you guys had a wonderful weekend and a wash is a victory in my book!

MaryFran said...

I’m glad you are looking forward to getting back to working out and an easier slower pace of life! I think the break to work a bit was probably good for you also!!!

MaryFran said...

I plan on trying to be better about posting. It is good for me also to post and be regular about posting…it is good accountability for me!

Go you with the snack free evenings! That is a huge step in the right direction!!!

jen said...

Happy belated Birthday to Jason.
Happy to hear you had a great weekend.