Monday, August 09, 2021

Weekend Fun

We had a good weekend.  It wasn’t chock full of exercise and activity, but it was a fun weekend regardless! 

This past weekend was a grocery weekend.  When we get groceries we swing into at least stores. (Sometimes more if we need to hit targeted the pet store.). This takes quite a chunk of our day.  But that’s ok, it is part of life.  By the time we finished all of our shopping and general errands we didn’t have a whole lot of time left in the day for fun and excitement.  So we headed to our little ‘go to’ place.   

Gambrill Mill

Gambrill mill is an area within the confines of the Monocacy National Civil War Battlefield.  This area of the park is relatively small but it is just a neat place to visit.  It is our easy and quick place to go to reconnect with nature.

The main (only???) trail at this location is only a mile or so.  It starts on a boardwalk at the corner of the parking lot.  The boardwalk was just redone and is in great shape.  On the boardwalk you will meander by and over a stream that leads to the Monocacy River. It also will walk you by the site of an old shed that is in ruins.  
Eventually the boardwalk will deposit you at an access to the Monocacy River.  There is an overlook in case you don’t want to walk down to the river bank. (Overlook is a nice term…you are maybe 10 feet above the level of the water.)  In the summer this area is full of people swimming, picnics, canoes, rafters and so much aquatic activity.   
The trail now meanders around the edge of the field and follows another stream that flows into the Monocacy River.    The water in this stream is so clear. It is the perfect place to wade!
As you make the circle back to the parking lot you will see the Gambrill Mansion (used as offices) and the old mill that sits alongside the pond.  I have never seen either building open and available to the public.  But irregardless…it is a neat place to get out in nature if you just have a short period of time!

On Sunday we took a lazy day.   Seriously, we lounged around all morning.  We watched tv, played around online and I messed around with my cameras a bit.  It was a lazy morning!

During the afternoon we spent some time trying to get Kiwi, our Green. Geek Conure acclimated to traveling.   Yes we took him for an outing.   Some birds get car sick.  Apparently Kiwi get sick…but it’s definitely not from motion sickness…he has panic attacks!  I kid you not…this bird gets sick before we even turn on the car! Each outing he gets a bit better…so we hope that by vacation time he will be good with travel because he is going on vacation with us.  (Mertz is staying at home…she is more self sufficient and will only need someone to come check on her one or two times.)

Before we knew it, our weekend was over!   They go so fast!  The only consolation to the drama of going back to work?    We only have a three day week!   Both Jason and I are off on Thursday and Friday!  Yay!!!!!!