Friday, August 13, 2021

Frugal Friday - The Misto

 I find myself looking more toward the future lately.  I find myself looking at a future where I actually get out and FINALLY see the world.  I want to see so many places.  I want to visit so many national parks.  I want to experience what this world has to offer!    I also want to buy a house.  I want to put aside money for my retirement.  In essence, I have dreams.   We have been talking about ways to reach these goals and dreams.  Some of it requires planning.  Some of it requires changes in our lives.  Some of it is just simply being frugal and wise with our purchases.  So I thought it might be fun to do a Frugal Friday thing...or maybe I should call it a Financial Friday.....talking about ways to save money, ways to be frugal and ways to get closer to some of our goals....many of which are tied with finances!

I bought a Misto Non aerosol Kitchen Spray

Today I am going to share my new purchase.....a Misto! (amazon link)  The Misto is a replacement for the traditional aerosol sprays that are frequently used for their non-stick abilities in the kitchen.  Yes,  I have gone back to using a non-aerosol non-stick spray in my kitchen!   

The misto is a bottle that can be filled with an olive oil (or any oil that you chose) of your choice.  The device uses a pump that is built into the cap to pressurize the bottle. The pressure in the bottle will enable the olive oil to be dispensed as a spray through the standard spray nozzle.  It works like a charm.   

Now, let me be honest here.  (sigh)  Aerosol sprays are bad for birds and this purchase was initially planned to safeguard the health of our bird.   And of course, if it is bad for the birds lungs, it can't be good for I guess it's helping us too!   But once I made this purchase, I started to think about the financial ramifications. 

The Benefits of a Misto

There are so many benefits to using a Misto.  

**I have personally been buying a non-organic aerosol spray for my kitchen.  But with the Misto, I am able to fill the bottle with organic olive oil.   One more organic product is always a good thing!   

** This is a healthier option for my bird.  Birds have more fragile and delicate lungs.  Aerosol sprays are a big no no.  I want to keep my bird healthy because...well he is part of the family!  (Plus, vet bills are NOT cheap!)

**If aerosol spray is bad for the bird, it can NOT be good for me!  So eliminating this will be another step to a healthier life!

**This helps our environment!   It will reduce the non-recyclable waste going into the landfills.  It reduces the harmful pollutants that are going into our air.  It is just a good choice!

**Financially this is a cheaper option.  The cost per ounce of NON organic cooking spray in an aerosol can is $0.42.  The cost per ounce for the organic olive oil that I typically use is $0.30.  That makes it a cheaper option!  (I was using the prices from Aldi)

This purchase is not one that will make me rich.  (I wish I could find one that did!)  But using this Misto is a simple wise choice.  It benefits my health, my environment, my pocketbook and my bird!   It's a win win situation!  



Mrs Swan said...

I just started using parchment paper. I do also have a spray bottle that I had bought with oil in it years ago. It is just a standard liquid-type spray bottle. I prefer parchment though.

Olive oil is great. I started to prefer avocado oil but thankfully I ran out and bought olive oil last time. Apparently, avocado oil fumes can be just as toxic to birds as the flesh.

Anonymous said...

I like the frugal Friday idea. I am always looking to save money. I have a spray bottle I purchased called EVO. It is a spray bottle that works quite well. I fill with avocado oil. It costs the food evenly with far less oil. I find I put on weight if I have too much fat in my diet & this gadget helps me.

Paula C

MaryFran said...

Isn’t it crazy how we adjust our lives and habits Cory our little dinosaurs! (That is definitely what kiwi looks like running towards us when he is on the ground!)

MaryFran said...

I have noticed that I definitely use less oil with the misfortune then the aerosol!!!!! Another win!!!