Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It sure does bite!!!

Love Bites...Not going so well at this moment.  Ohhh...all is well in love and friendship.  Yes, things with Jason are going well.  (Yeah, the guy I finally kinda sorta alluded to for a few posts in November and December and then revealed in my 10 year blogiversary post )  Ok, things are going REALLY well.  I'm just gonna say it...it's hard to admit because I'm so afraid of getting hurt again.  But I will admit it...I like this guy.....and as crazy as it seems to me sometimes.....he likes me!  Seems like a win win!   

No, Love Bites was referring to that Valentines day Challenge that I created for myself.   Last week was eh with eating.  I was over my budget on Monday by a ton, spot on on Tuesday and Thursday , a few hundred calories  over on Wednesday and Friday.   And then it went really bad.  It started on Saturday morning when I left for work HUNGRY!  Why yes, I stopped at Burger King for a drink and caved and got food.  Why?   I don't really like fast food to begin with!  Poor planning.   The weekend just followed that trend.  Ok, in fairness Sunday wasn't that bad.   Monday however was......we got a late start and ended up snacking in the car for lunch while we toured the Gettysburg Battlefield.  I actually did pretty well with that.  I picked up some cheddar cheese and ate a Kind Bar at a 7-Eleven.  Not a bad lunch......

Maybe the Slurpie wasn't that great!  (although not that bad in calories!) But in fairness I drank well over my recommended amount of water for the day even without the Slurpie!  (Wild Cherry flavor of course....Jason had a lime something or other flavor...which wasn't bad, just no comparison to the good old fashioned cherry!)

It was dinner that messed me up.  I was hungry and I was on my way home and I opted for more junk.   Deep fried cheese (so yummy...but can I say BAD for me!)  and a pepperoni sub (wayyyyyyy too salty).   I caved and got a donut also.   Yeah, a donut.  Really?   My mouth was dried out from the super salty sub so when I was home I added on a Chocolate Eclair Ice cream bar thingy.     Ok, so poor planning, because I KNOW that my slurpie inspired lunch had left me hungrier than usual so I binged for my dinner.  

NOT how I am going to reach my goals.  Not gonna reach them that way at all.  I recognize it and I know that the only way for me to reach these goals means I have to PLAN.  I have to think.  I have to be cognizant.  I have to want it badly enough to sit back and say "NO" to the donut! 

The weekend was good.  We got to relax.  We got to hang out together.  And saw some pretty cool things.

This is a monument at the Gettysburg Battlefield that we read about.  It is inspired by a nest of baby birds that got knocked out of a tree during the heat of the battle.  A soldier actually stopped and saved the birds during that battle.  Neat story....cool monument.

And of course beautiful scenery all day....even though it was bitter cold!!!!


Lynn said...

I'm happy for you that you met a nice guy, and that you're out and about doing fun things!

Fran said...

I'm happy for you too, you deserve happiness.

Maybe it's an idea to plan your meals around your trips? So you won't have to feel guilty what you eat when you are doing fun things and plan the healthy meals around it?

Denise said...

congrats, keep smiling.

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Awwww:) I love love.

I also love donuts and fried cheese and pepperoni. Ugh, why does that stuff have such power over us?

Here's to a day of better planning!

SlimExpectations said...

you look happy and I'm happy for you too.
I agree we need to rub off the past sooner than later!

Lori said...

I'm so excited for you and your new guy! You deserve to be as happy as you look in that picture! Let go of what you did and move on. Our mistakes don't define us :)

jesseybell said...

Yeah for the guy - so happy for you! You 100% deserve it and love to see the smile on your face :)

Lori said...

I am glad that things are going well for you and J. I hope you continue to be happy together.

Now, get back on the wagon with your eating plans.