Saturday, January 09, 2016

Good or Bad

This morning I decided that I was going to head out for a run.  Yup.....It was time to bite the bullet and face the running monster.  I was't sure how it was going to go, simply because of two HUGE reasons.  Number one, I have not run in probably a month.   But secondly and more importantly, my ankle that I hurt back in December has been 'mostly' better.  Yeah, I still get twinges of pain but for the most part that is what it is.....twinges.  I know that when I hurt my ankle back in April, that the twinges were there for quite some time....and I ran on that ankle just fine after a few weeks of no running.

It was a Saturday that I didn't have to work so I was able to leisurely get up and head out the door. I checked the weather and got the report that there was only a very slight chance of rain for my projected run time .  I looked out the window to make a visual confirmation of the weather report. (Hey, we all know how accurate the weather report is sometimes right???)  It was wet outside, but not raining.  So I garbed myself up in my warm running clothes and I headed out!  I was planning to do a simple 2 to 2.5 mile loop.

I was probably less than a half mile into my run whn I realized that I had made an error in judgement.   I was dressed WAY too warm.  Oops.  Not sweaty warm but just warmer than I prefer.  Not a biggie.  I trucked on.

For the first mile, my ankle was FANTASTIC!  It was just like pain an honestly no thought about it!   YIPPEE

At about the mile mark the ankle wasn't bothering me per say.  However, I was aware that I had an ankle.  (Yes, this sounds crazy, but seriously....that's the best way to describe it  When my body is working properly, you don't even pay attention to the certain body parts and thus it's almost like you don't have them..but then you become 'aware' of a body part.....almost like a precursor to pain  ha ha ha).   I wasn't too worried.  Afterall, my ankle hasn't been up to snuff lately!     I kept going.

Might I break from the regularly scheduled ankle report to say that at this time I was running/jogging and hadn't stopped for a breather at all!!!  Go me!

It wasn't until about the 1.75 mile mark in my run that the ankle twinges really started to kick in.  Still not really anything horrible...just there.  Maybe a slight pain, nothing searing.  Nothing too concerning.

So of course, being me....I did what I always do in such situations.   I kept running.   To be fair, I DID think about walking the rest of the way home...but remember, I hadn't stopped running at all and I wanted to run the whole way!   It wasn't that far...and I made it just fine.

So good that I was able to run the whole thing (mind was VERY slow)  but bad that my foot is feeling it!

It wasn't until I actually got inside, relaxed a bit and moved on with my day that I realized that 'OUCH'  my foot hurts!  

Ohhhh, and I picked up a really weird hot spot/blister on the top of the second toe on my foot.  Go figure.

So my plan????   Tape up my foot. (Yeah, 'J' and I may head out to walk/hike for a bit today.) Band-aid up my blister.  And move on!   When will I run again?   Probably Monday or Tuesday!  (barring any real set back with my foot!)  I'm BAAAAAAACK.

Last night I was hungry and found myself literally gorging on food.  SOOO not good.  I was tempted to ignore putting my dinner into myfitnesspal  but this morning decided to face the music, be it good or bad.  Surprisingly, my calorie count is RIGHT IN LINE with where it needed to be.  Go figure!   And even better? (And probably because I was pounding water last night) The scales were very kind to me this morning.  If I can maintain today's weight (and lost a half pound by Wednesday) I will be right on track for meeting my little Valentines Day Challenge.  (Love Bites....14/15 pounds in 7 weeks)   Woo hooo!   

And just for a good laugh today........  (and in case the link breaks down....  )     We can all make speculations about what type of awkward runner I am!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Sorry about the bum foot, but good job on keeping count of calories even when you really don't want to!

I'm an awkward runner because I keep my arms straight like I'm on Riverdance or something.

Lori said...

One word about the ankle - ICE. It will help with the swelling and pain. You only need to do it about 10 minutes. It will make a difference.

Lynn said...

I ran this morning too but it was snowing. You're doing great. I'm just getting caught up on blogs and read back a few entries and saw your picture with "J." You look so happy!

Lori said...

Congratulations on getting back out there!!!! I bet it felt wonderful. Take care of that ankle! Don't push it if it's begins hurting again! :) OMGoodness that video was hysterical!! Love it!!