Sunday, January 24, 2016


What a weekend!  

I got off work at 1PM and did a few errands and a few things before hunkering down for the storm.  

The snow started about 3PM on Friday.  Once the snow started I headed outside and went on a walk with my niece and nephew.

We walked to Pangborn Park and checked out the pond (partially frozen over) before heading home.

It snowed steadily for about 30 hours.   30 hours and everyone in our neighborhood agrees that we got about 36 inches.  Yes, three feet of snow.  (we have a four foot chain link fence around our back yard and there is only about a foot visible...that's how I came up with how deep the snow is).

So what does three feet of snow mean?

First of all that list of things to do?   I rolled through that.  Lots of big projects that I have been putting off for a while got done.  Things like cleaning out and organizing my file cabinet.  

Secondly?   I shoveled.  A LOT.   I prescribe to the 'work throughout the storm on the shoveling'.   Who knows...but I feel that at least I'm staying even with the snow and not letting it get ahead of me too far.  So 7 hours of shoveling on Saturday.   I woke up Sunday and touched up the sidewalks and the area behind my car that I had been able to keep up with.  Then I attacked the piles of snow that the snow plows had pushed up against the cars. Hours of work....and EVERY TIME I would just be finishing it up, the plow would come through again and push more snow against the car.  (GRRRR living in town is the pits when it comes to snow removal).  Luckily, each time they came through the snow piles got smaller....but regardless, they had to be moved.    ROughly 6 hours of shoveling on Sunday.

So here is the crux of the matter.  I am SOOOOO sore.  My lower back is achy and my arms....oh my arms.  They ache.  Yes, I had to shovel snow...and carry it to the pile and after a while whip the snow up and to the top of the pile.  A pile that quickly grew to height over my feet.   (yup, living in town, the front yards are small and they filled up VERY quickly!)

Eating over the weekend?   I was HUNGRY.  I tracked my food and actually ate about 2000 calories on both Saturday and Sunday.  I did however put into myfitnesspal that I shoveled snow (and yes, I kept track of how long I was out there) and it says that I earned  a LOT of calories each day (an average of 3500 calories.)

I'm not expecting to lose weight.  The numbers say I SHOULD be losing....but I'm not expecting it.  My goal was to get through the weekend and get us shoveled out...without my parents having to shovel (hey...would you want your 73 year old dad shoveling?)

As for tomorrow.  The calories need to revert back to the 1200 calorie range and hopefully I will be back out and about and at work (we shall see how the roads are in the morning, I hear they are freezing up pretty nicely tonight!)


Shelley said...

That picture - those snowy eyebrows!!! I cannot fathom what you had to deal with this weekend. I'd say you definitely burned through a lot of calories, though!

LuckyMama said...

I remember Snowmaggedon in 2010. That was a LOT of snow...This looked equally so!!

Denise said...

oh my goodness, a lot of snow.

Fran said...

Oh my goodness 7 hours of shoveling in a day? That's almost a work day. You sure got a lot of snow and I'm not jealous at all! In fact we are having the warmest January 25 ever today. It feels like Spring outside.

SlimExpectations said...

ong that is INDEED a lot of snow!!!! this cold wave is here too but we do not get snow. (where i stay)

Lori said...

The snow eyebrows are great. Down here, we got snow starting Friday morning and only got about 10 inches. I loved it. I might not if there were 3 feet! Still, I think I'd like to see it.

Good for you for shoveling all of that. It really does burn a lot of calories and you needed the extra to not go into starvation mode. I am interested in your weigh in. I think you'll have a loss.

JenBsJourney said...

I don't know how you do 1200 calories ... I guess it would help if I eliminated all the empty calories I eat. Here in Utah where we get a lot of snow all winter, I still rarely end up shoveling. My 12-year old (Fitbit fanatic) has been doing it, and with a Southern exposure, if the sun comes out we do get good melting.

I can imagine you are sore though! Shoveling is hard work.

Debsdailylife said...

It was a crazy weekend. I was dreading being stuck At home!! I had so much to get done. But once I realized it was going to snow no matter what I thot, I gave in and relaxed and shoveled. We didn't get quite as much as you did. This week it's melting quite a bit.