Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Some days weight loss is frustrating!   Totally frustrating!!!!!!

When frustration sets in we come up against some choices.   Here are three major options.  One, we can throw up our hands and give up. Secondly we can continue going on the healthy path with no changes .    Thirdly we re-evaluate and move on.   

So I was looking forward to my weigh in today.   Let me lay out the daily weigh ins.

Last Wednesday... 238.4

Last Friday....236.8 (woohoo)



Yes I really wanted to see the 236.8 again this morning but I was happy knowing that I would most likely see 237.4...which would still be a loss!!!

I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and this morning which worried me....(I drank a ton yesterday I shouldn't have been thirsty. Historically when I'm thirsty my weight is up a bit...water retention I guess.).  

Regardless, I stepped onto the scale. Dang it....238.4!    Really a straight maintain??????  

Ok so I'm glad it's not a gain!   I will put that out there right away!  

What in the heavens is happening with this?????

Ok so those three options I spoke of earlier?   Number one, giving up?  Not a valid option.

So that leaves me with continuing my healthy choices and reevaluating.  And I plan on doing a combination of the two.


Not too bad calorie wise since I aim for between 1200-1800.


Looks really good when you add in the exercise.

But this breakdown showed me what needs to change.


My carbs need to be cut back.   As sad as that is.   More veggies and fruits...which doesn't upset me in the slightest!

Other than that...continue onward.

As for running, I did miss my run yesterday. I woke up and it was cold AND raining.   Cold I will do easily.   Rain I will do when it's not cold.   But the combination of the two for me was a no go!   I had no regrets but I will say that I was bummed to miss my run!!!!!


Sarah said...

Love your charts. Is that an ap you're using?

Sounds like your doing the right things. Hang in there and progress will come your way!

Lynn said...

I wish I understood why weight fluctuates so much! Sometimes it's such a mystery.