Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday wrap up

I don't have any wise words of wisdom or any great epiphanies today. 

It was a ho hum week.  Thusly, I will bullet point this post!  

***I am ready for the snow and ice to be gone off the roads and sidewalks.  I'm ready to run!!!!   Yeah I could probably still go but I don't want to have to worry about slipping on he ice that is still hanging out!  Not worth breaking anything.   

***I have been hungry for Chinese for WEEKS!.   Yesterday I ended up eating Chinese food for lunch AND dinner.  And I had ice cream after dinner.  Yeah my calories were way high.  I'm not panicked about it.  I am trying to live....I am trying to figure out how to balance normal life with a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.   That means that some days will be high calorie days.  The trick is making it just ONE calorie day and not a week of high calorie days...or a month of high calorie days!!!  That means today I have to keep my eating spot on!!

***I surprisingly have gotten more steps then I thought I would get this week.   Without the running and nice warm evening walks with Jason my steps just don't happen!  I only reached my step count goal on Tuesday the day of the snow.  This week has pretty much eaten up my big credit of steps that I built up with my bike rides, runs  and long hike of last week.   Luckily I'm still running a credit balance of 6.7 miles....but I will lose that quickly if I don't step it up!!!

***We have gone to the park a few times since the snow to feed the ducks, geese and swans.  I know that they are fine and will not starve and in fact are NOT starving. But it's cold and snowy (the sidewalks are still mostly snow and ice covered at the park) and I know that they are not getting as many visitors to the park to feed them and we show up with food and within minutes we have hundreds of water fowl surrounding us.   They are so anxious to get their fair share of food (or more food then the others cuz they are greedy) that they are brushing up against us like dogs and cats.  They are stepping on our feet and squawking when we try to move them off of us!  One goose was literally goosing Jason the other day!   Sadly I didn't get a picture!   It has been fun!!!!  We are so inundated with animals on these days that even the ducks were trying to eat out of our hands and getting close!  (The mallards are typically very skittish and while they come out of the water they don't get close to us and the wood ducks usually don't come out of the water usually).  Let me tell you....$7 for 50 pounds of cracked corn is a cheap investment in lots of fun!!!!  (On Tuesday we dropped about 20 pounds of cracked corn...probably only 10 pounds yesterday.....normally on warmer days we go through a lot less!!!!). Oh and the side benefit of feeding the animals?   We are walking at the park!!!

*** My water consumption is spotty...some days I nail it, others I am lucky to finish one bottle.   I need to get on top of that!!

The weekend is just about here!  Hopefully the weather will be clear enough for a nice long hike!   And I am crossing my fingers that winter is on it's way out and that I can enjoy those nice summer night walks with Jason, balmy bike rides, and all the warmth!!!!!!


Shelley said...

Running from the geese could become the latest exercise craze, LOL!

Sarah said...

I wish we had somewhere to go feed all the "birds". It sounds like a lot of fun.

Sometimes low key weeks are the best. You still did an amazing job. Hang in there, summer will be here soon.