Friday, March 10, 2017

Comedic Horror

Lots of little things to say today....and some questions to answer....but first, today's run!!!

It was snowing....but that didn't deter me.   I was planning to run and a little snow wasn't going to keep me from it!!!
I headed out with a smile on my face...

It was a run that transcended the lines between comedy and horror.

As I said , it was snowing.  So I layered up and headed out.  Almost immediately I noticed that it must have rained for a while before it turned to snow (very heavy wet snow) because there was a ton of puddles.  Not a problem, I sidestepped them and knew that when I invariably stepped in a puddle that my feet usually don't get too wet.   But then about 1/4 of a mile from home I stepped into a puddle with my right foot.  And the right foot stayed pretty dry.   But the splash washed over my left foot and it was effectively soaked!!!!  All I could do was laugh at that point.   I kept running!!

About a half mile from home I started to feel that something wasn't right. And it was not  right with my pants!!!!  Yes, my britches!  I was wearing a pair of satiny feeling underlayer beneath my pants.  It felt like the satiny layer had slipped down.  I continued running and reached around and dug my hand into the back of my pants to grab the offending garmet.  But I just couldn't quite grasp it!  So I whipped off my gloves and with bare hands reached into the seat of my pants yet again....still running!   Once again I came up empty, but I could feel the pants slipping even further.  The waistband now felt like it was wrapped around my upper thighs.   I had to stop!   And what I found horrified under t layer was perfectly in place!   It was my outer layer!!!!!  I was literally losing my pants!!!!   What a sight that must have been!!!

I fixed my wardrobe malfunction and immediately started running!   I reached into my pockets and pulled out my gloves.  They were already wet and I had pulled them off so quickly that they were all twisted inside out.  It took me about a 1/4 mile to get them right side out and back on my hands.  And that pretty much wrapped up mile one!   

The snow continued to fall. Mile two was pretty uneventful...a few more puddles...and each time the water splashed my other foot.

Mile three is where it got ugly!!!   I was COLD!   The alleys and sidewalks were turning slushy and slick.  And my gloves and clothes were totally wet and my nose was running and I had no place to wipe my nose!  (Yeah I have a bunch of pair of cheap gloves that I just wipe my drippy nose on and then throw in the wash when I get home). I may have shed a tear or two during mile three.

Mile four....I was just numb.  It was uneventful....although I probably had snot bubbles because I still couldn't wipe my nose!!!

I only kick myself because I got home and saw that I was at 3.78 miles.  I went inside.   Now I wish I would have run around the block to push myself over 4!!!

The cheeks are much more rosy after the run!!!

My clothes were soaked the whole way through to the bottom layer.   My sweatshirt heavy and wet with moisture!!!  But I did it!!!


My weight...I lamented on Wednesday that my weight had been 237.4 on Monday and Tuesday and had popped up a pound for my official weigh in on Wednesday.   Well what do you know, my weight on Thursday and Friday was back to the 237.4.   Isn't that nuts?????


I occasionally pop in a graphics of my calories and nutrients into my blog.....something like this 
I was asked the other day where I got my graphics.   It is on the MyFitnessPal the app on my phone.   At the bottom of the daily diary page there is a button that says nutrition....the charts are behind that button!

A few months ago someone asked how I post my blog posts from my phone.   I was using an old unsupported app. It was contankerous and I struggled with it and it was crashing a lot!   Well I wiped my phone clean this past week and of course lost that unsupported app.   I started searching and came across blog touch.   I tried the free it seemed to work.  But they won't let you post on the free version (what a crock...what's the use of having a free version if you can't go the whole way through the process....I just figured the free would block features such as adding videos and links etc) I decided to go for it...and paid the $4.99 for the blog touch pro.   I can insert links (always pain on my old app) and pictures and all sorts of things.   I've posted with it twice not and it seems to be working (it better for a paid app!!)


What about my 2017 in 2017 goals....and in particular my march goal to NOT fall further behind.  I am happy to say that I am happy to say that I am actually 16 miles AHEAD of where I need to be....thanks to two fabulous bike rides on Wednesday and Thursday!!!   We rode on the canal both days.   It was a bit windy!!!!  

 We also got off our bikes to investigate an abandoned building...the spring house was neat!!!!

And I saw my first daffodils of the season in bloom!!

My weight might not be moving fast...but I'm living a healthier life!!!!!


Shelley said...

I've never run in snow, but I have in rain, and you are right - the run can go from crazily comedic (like when I stepped off a curb only to become knee-deep in water) to just plain miserable...but they are the memorable runs, and hey, you finished! Good job. :)

jesseybell said...

you go girl running in the inclement weather! And keeping with it! Sorry you didn't get the full 4 miles :(

Sorry the scale didn't cooperate on weigh-in day. Sucks when that happens! Keep up the good work and it will show next week.

Vickie said...

I am not sure about androids or old iPhones
But on newer iPhones if you scroll
to the bottom of the page you can change the view.

View web version
view mobile version

The web version allows posting
and access to the full screen for things like sidebars.

Karla said...

hey I think I remember you from back in the big blog days 2011... awesome! runner I am not. I do run at the gym but mainly sprints. Kudo's to you

Sarah said...

Way to go, running in the snow.

jen said...

Snow and running....together....very brave. Well done.

Lynn said...

Good for you for getting out there!

Cathy said...

Funny story about your pants! :-)

My mpamyfitness app doesn't have that graph, it has a different one, a pie graph that tells me the percentage of calories I've used for each meal per day. I'm on my computer right now, but it currently says I've used 51% of calories consumed on breakfast and 49% on lunch. I think I like yours better. I wonder if it's an older version of the app or a newer one, or an iPhone thing? (I have a Samsung).

MaryFran said...

The graph is from MyFitnessPal.....I will have to look at mom's phone...she has the app and a Samsung.