Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Let's roar it's march!!!

March  has arrived...and with it new ideas and goals....or rather challenges for myself!!!

First up...where do I stand on my plan to prop myself 2017 miles in 2017????

I ended January with a deficit of 47.93 miles.

I ended February with a deficit of 53.05 miles.

February would have been a lot worse had the weather not cleared up!   I lost a good portion of one week due to being sick.  But then the weather turned gorgeous....and jason and I got out and rode our bikes....and walked...and got active outside and the miles started adding up.   But still I ended up with a deficit.

So that makes a year to date deficit of 100.90 miles.   That's a lot of miles to recover!!!

I'm still not gravely concerned.   I know how many miles I'll get when the weather is nice.   February was looking really bad until the weather turned nice and in that week or so of nice weather I was dropping some nice mileage days (walking and bike combined).   In that week I managed 46.44 miles...which is almost 10 over what I had originally projected for my weekly needs!  I can still do this!!!!  Running three times a week will help because even though right now I'm only running 2.5 miles, I know that as I get back into it I will be pushing  that to 3, 4 and 5 miles at least for each run.  Well heck, if I run 5 miles I pretty much already have met my mileage goal for the day....and anything else is just icing on the cake (aka as working off that deficit!!) I also know that when the weather is nicer (and it's light later ) that jason and I spend a lot more of our evenings out walking and hiking (and probably this year biking)!  We have also talked about doing a through trip on the canal.   So if we do that In four days I would garner 184 plus miles. That would catch me up real quick!!!

So I'm not giving up on my 2017 in 2017 yet!

My weight.   Not the greatest but holding somewhat steady.   I was down 1.6 pounds for the month of February.   237.8 is where I'm at.   Now what I wanted ...I would have preferred more!   However, it wasn't a gain and it was a loss albeit a small one!    I'm trying to look on the bright side!!!

So that brings me to my Goals for March!!!

My 2017 in 2017 goal for March is to simply not add to the year to date deficit!!!  (172 miles!!)

Running .....I want to run at least 20 miles for the month. (The last two months I've managed only a few runs...and each month came in between 8 and 9 miles).

Weight......I'm going to say that I want to be into the next "decade".   I want to be under 230!!!

Food.....healthy options....stop or at least severely limit the junk (chips, fries, etc) aim to keep calories below 1800 calories each and every day....with the true goal of 1200!

Yup...I've got my work cut out for me I think!!!!


Shelley said...

Here's to a great March, here's to catching up with that mileage deficit, here's to all things good!

Goal of Losing said...

Any loss on the scale is a win! Way to go! Keep up the good work in March! :)

Lori said...

You've got this! We are going to kill March! :)

Anne said...

Let's all be healthy! Cheers to everyone!