Monday, March 06, 2017

Practicing What I Preach

Not regrets eh?   Yes late last week I wrote a post about regrets.   It was stemmed from the fact that on Wednesday I had skipped my run and regretted it.....and from that I made the conclusion that I usually only regret NOT doing something.  I had also made a statement that my plan for three runs that week wasn't lost since I still had Saturday morning.  Well .....cue the opening music for Saturday morning ....

It was early Saturday morning (too early to be awake if truth be known!).   I talked to mom, folded the laundry that had dried overnight and watched and episode of 'Vikings'.   In my mind I had it worked out how my morning would proceed!  When it came time for me to gear up to run I did the natural thing.  I picked up my phone to check the weather.   That's important because I needed to know how to dress. Lots of layers or the oh so wonderful one teeshirt?  What was it to be?   It took a few seconds to load the weather and I just wanted to cry.    20° with a 'feels like/windchill' of 10°.  Brrrrrrrr.  I debated...but then said 'no regrets' and put on a few layers of clothes.

It was cold.   The cold went right through my gloves...for the first few minutes. But the act of running produces heat and magically I was pretty much ok temperature wise for the rest of the run!  Early into the run though I just knew that the victory would be in completing the base mileage that I had set in my head as my goal.  It just wasn't a 'magical' run where everything feels fantastic!

No fears...I got it done!!  And guess what....I felt great when it was over!  I was proud of myself when it was over.  I had absolutely no regrets!!!!

When I had left the house I hadn't heard anyone stirring so I left a note on the inside of the door saying, 'I am out running, be home and such and such time, if you leave do not lock me out!' .  When I arrived back home I found the piece of paper hanging on the outside of the door with a new note written on it....

It says Door is always locked to keep the rid raf out!   And signed management.

Yes, when I opened the door and pushed my way into the house he yelled out from the kitchen, saying 'Hello rif raf, I thought I locked the door!'  That's my dad!  (And the best part....he felt good enough to make the joke!!).  Hahaha dad!

Jason and I hiked over the weekend and although I was achy when we were done, it was fabulous to get out!!

This is some kind of old foundation along the Appalachian Trail.

And the first overlook we hiked too....
An icy spring 

And a later overlook the top of Hogback Mountain.

At one point when we were climbing to the top of Hogback Mountain I was seriously wondering how my run on Monday was going to go after the leg workout the hike was giving me.   But I was determined to run on Monday!

Cue the music for Monday morning........

Ahhh it was a bit nippy at 30° but there was absolutely no question in my mind that I was running.   Even when my parents invited me to breakfast...I declined the offer...I had a run to complete!!

I could feel the effects of the mountainous hike while I ran....and I didn't set any records for my pace...but 3.42 miles have been recorded!!!!!!!


Shelley said...

Hardest part about running in cold weather is that first step outside. You are right, you do warm up quickly once you get started, but yeah, it's a mental thing. Good on ya for not letting that weather forecast stop you! And I LOL'd at your Dad's note - too funny!

jesseybell said...

Awesome job getting it done, even in the cold!

Lori said...

Great job!! Love that foundation picture! :)

jen said...

Another hike with some great pics..thanks.

Onya for getting out there and getting those runs done :-)

Lynn said...

Oh I'm jealous of you hiking without snow! We are having endless winter.