Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weigh in day

For some reason I was dreading weighing myself today. I don't know why.   It's not as if I was horrible.   I didn't manage to keep myself at the low end of my caloric target (1200) but I managed to stay within the range, allbeit at the top end of that target range.  I hadn't drank near enough water though.....but I didn't think of that until after the facts. So I don't know why I was nervous...but I was!

Regardless, I stepped on the scales.   Woohoo.  236.8.  So that's two down from my official weigh in last week and 1 down from my weight every other day last week.   I'll take it!!

Running this week....not really happening.   I'm not risking life and limb to run on sidewalks, roads and alleys that are still snowy/icy.   

Yes we got snow yesterday...about 8 inches give or take.   I was out for about two hours shoveling, cleaning off cars and playing in the snow.  I was active the whole time but my Fitbit was only registering 4000 steps when I came in.  Uhhh after two constant hours of movement.    I think not!    So apparently shoveling and car cleaning falls into the realm of activities that my Fitbit doesn't detect enough movement.    Regardless....I moved the rest of the day and still registered over 11k steps. snowman was wearing sunglasses and a bikini! 

I've been thinking a lot lately about excuses.  Some people have an excuse for everything in their life and they never accept responsibility for anything. Annoying as all get out!!).  These people complain all the time about their life and how horrible it is...but always have an excuse as to why they can't change.  They just wallow in their self pity and will never change for the better .  Some people take control of most things but just come up with excuses for the biggies.   These people can sometimes change but if they do it's by luck and/or takes forever.    And thirdly, there are people that say 'no excuses'.  They own up to their problems and roadblocks in life and if something is physically /emotionally/financially/ etc impossible they find a work around and complete the task anyway.   These people see change.   And can I dare I say happiness?

Success in this journey (and life) is taking no excuses.   Stop saying 'these are the cards I've been dealt' and kick this cards to the curb.   Medical conditions?   Nope not valid.  Not at all!!!  I've seen people with terrible mental disorders lead productive lives....I've seen people with horrible physical disformaties  compete in bike races .....medical conditions are  not valid!!!  Time constraints?   Unconvenience but definitely navigable!!  They are simply excuses.   If you want something bad enough you will find a way!!!!

I want to be's time to find a way!!!!


Lynn said...

I agree. When I start thinking I'm never going to be good at snowboarding I see a paraskier ripping down the hill. I even saw one in the terrain park going over the jumps. No excuses!

jesseybell said...

See, I knew the loss would show up this week :)

Sarah said...

Congrats on the loss. Love the bikini.