Monday, July 19, 2021

Week Three of this 12 Week Challenge

 This week wasn't as successful as my first two weeks.   I can honestly say that I still worked the plan, but it just wasn't meant to be.  That's ok too.

I started my weight week gung ho.  I was coming off of two highly successful weeks of weight loss.  I was sure that I could carry on with the success.   I mean, how hard could it be?   It was hard....on Monday I went to eat lunch and opened the refrigerator.  What to eat, what to eat.    I didn't see many options for my normal vegetable lunch so I grabbed......a piece of leftover pizza.   First of all, That was more calories than I wanted to spend on a single item for my lunch.  But secondly, it wasn't exactly choke full of nutrition.   Two strikes against that lunch.

I was able to watch my calories the rest of the day and I didn't blow my calorie count for the day.  But, that day I was a bit higher than normal.  I wasn't worried though.   Friday I went to lunch with my mom and brother and ate more than usual for lunch....and then had my normal Friday night dinner.  So my calories were a bit higher.   Two higher caloric days.  And when I say higher....I mean that I ate 1500-1600 calories TOTAL.  Not 1500 more than my planned caloric goal.  I was only 300 calories over my goal...for two days.  I continued on with my exercise plan.  I did really well.  I'm right on track with my miles.  We even got in a nice long ride on the canal on our bikes!  I'm doing great with my exercises.   Spot on!  Yet.....

This week I showed a gain of 0.6 pounds.  

I won't lie and say that I'm not bothered by it.  It is infuriating.  But I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can say that my calories and my accounting of my food and exercise was and is spot on. I didn't lie to myself.  I didn't 'forget' to count the bites licks and tastes.   I counted everything.  I did what I needed to do.  The scales just weren't with me this time.  And you know what, that's ok!  

I am here to be healthy.  Healthy is what I am doing.   The weight will fall away....sooner or later.  Hopefully sooner!


SANRDJ said...

Just fluctuations my dear... keep at it. It will drop again.

Mary said...

That little could just be an extra glass of water. You are doing so well with your exercise.

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

Do you think it would help to switch up your workouts a few days a week? You mention biking a lot, which is great, but maybe your body is so used to it that it's not that challenged by it anymore. Just throwing out a suggestion. Not sure if it is helpful or not!

Mrs Swan said...

Gotta hate that time of the month.
.6 I laugh in the face of that.
You will pee that out tonight. LOL
Yeah for staying the course!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing great. You have lost over 8 pounds in less than a month. I would be over the moon. I have gained so I really need to get it moving.

Paula C