Monday, July 26, 2021

Week 4 of the 12 week Challenge

 I am trucking along on this 12 week challenge.   This week could have been a total disaster.  I gained last week and that is typically a precursor to disaster!  But this week I said, I'm not going to let it derail me.

Yes, typically after a bad weigh in my mind starts screaming at me and telling me to give up, it's not working!   I mean, that is the natural inclination isn't it?   I can't be the only one can I?   But yes, when the going gets tough, the weight loss plans get going.    But after last weeks weigh in I sat back and I talked to myself long and hard.  I KNOW that this 12 week challenge that I am doing is a good one.  I know that this 12 week challenge is worth the effort.  I know that my motivation is well deserved and worthwhile.  I know that what I am doing is RIGHT for my body.

So, when I showed a gain, I didn't stumble even one bit.  I just moved on and kept going in the right direction.  I didn't let that number on the scale derail me.  I didn't let it cause me to go into a tailspin of cookies, cake and potato chips.  I continued to count my calories.  I continued to exercise.  I continued to take the steps to fuel my body with nutritious food.   I stayed the course because through trial and error I KNOW what my body needs and what it responds to and I knew that what I was doing was/is the right thing for me.

But did it work?    Yes, this week I lost 2.4 pounds!   YAY!!!!

I stayed the course and I had success!!!   This week.....more staying the course!


Mrs Swan said...

Dang girl! Look at you go!!!!!
That is awesome that you did not self-sabotage and kept yourself on track.
We are all here cheering you on!

jen said...

Legend you are….well done 😊

Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it. I lost 0.6 this past week so I really need to step up my game. You're leaps and bounds ahead of me now.

Paula C

peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't do good in challenge, sound like competition to me.
Coffee is on and stay safe