Monday, February 05, 2018

Exciting Changes

I am going small .....weekly goals!

1.  Stairs at work at least from lobby to my floor,  2 times a day at work.
2.  Bike least twice
3.  Calories in check and tracked for every day
4.  Water water least four bottles a day

All doable...

 Back to work after a nice weekend.....ok it was a bit icy....but I still had a great weekend!  And honestly, I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear!


We went apartment hunting!  Ok we have been apartment hunting for a while...but we went to look at one that we were both totally interested in!

Yup...this is the apartment we are looking at (or one like it)

It is on our price range, has a full size washer and dryer, a second bedroom/den (also known as the bike bedroom), and is in the location that we wanted.  (we would have liked closer to my work but that 20 miles is sour 300-400 bucks different a month....and a smaller 20 miles from my work and about 2 from Jason’s)

We had already talked that we would prefer a top floor....and preferably not staring out over the parking lot.  But this place we were looking at doesn’t get this size open too often apparently.  The first available was for the end of March.  (After that I think one in April), so we knew we would take whatever and not be took picky. 

So the place available at the end of March? 
**Top floor...yay
**back of building overlooking ‘green space’...yay
**upgraded unit with new appliance and kitchen....yay
**minute away from 270...the main road to my work..and in the zone we wanted to be in...yay
**cats accepted.....yay

We filled out our application on Saturday.  And by Sunday they had notified us that we got it and it was being held for us...hold fee hasbeen paid.    We are moving Easter weekend!

There are really nice neighborhoods right across the street ....a 5 mike trail down the road in one direction...a park down the road in another direction.....lots of places to run!!!  (And a 24 hour fitness room in the complex)

We are ready and excited to clean up our eating!   

We are excited!

We are also experiencing some of that ‘wow our relationship is changing big time’ nerves.  But we haven’t rushed into this at all!  We will be about 2.5 years into our relationship by the time we move.  So I know we will be fine.  But it’s exciting and scary all the same!


Sarah said...

How exciting! This sounds like a great place to start moving forward. I love the layout.

Now, gotta declutter and pack. LOL

Shelley said...

What a great place - super excited for you and Jason!

jesseybell said...

I am so excited for you! Awesome layout, laundry, cats, bonus Bike room - awesome!

Lynn said...

That sounds great! I like having trails close. Plus they take cats (the most important thing!)

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Omg! That's so awesome!!!!! Well, not the part about packing and unpacking, but everything else!

jen said...

How exciting for you both...Congratulations.
Am excited for you both

Cathy said...

With all that's been going on, I've been behind in my reading, so I'm just now seeing this. I'm so happy and excited for you! Congrats! :-)