Thursday, February 22, 2018

Feast or famine

So apparently my weight loss results are either feast or famine!    The first two weeks of the month I was killing it on the scales!  I was feeling strong and confident.

And then this week rolled around.  My weight was up on the scales for my official weigh in!   Grrrr! 

My eating was pretty good.  I had my  splurge day on Saturday....but every other day was in line!!!  

  I did eat some heavier sodium foods this week.    My monthly visitor (aka the ick) has arrived.   I haven’t been doing as well with water consumption. 

But I was up!!!   I’m not happy!

Even worse?  Some of my pants are feeling tighter.  What’s up with that???

So I’m just not happy and feeling a bit defeated!


Shelley said...

Sounds like it's mostly due to the ick week. Hope you feel better and I'm sure next week will be a better story. :)

Sarah said...

That week always kills it for me too. And the salt probably is part to blame.

Increase your water, get back to it, you CAN do this.

Lori said...

Sounds like mostly water retention! 💦. Hang in there!!

jen said...

Hang it there...water retention and bloating from ttom (ick!!)

Do not give up !!

Unknown said...

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