Friday, February 16, 2018

Politically incorrect

I’m a retard!!  That’s all I can say!!!

So the other day I had a fabulous weigh in.  I even wrote that there was some disbelief at the weigh in numbers!    

Let me back track and say that I had done a sneak peek at the scales a day or two before that weigh in and saw the scales down by a pound.   So I was expecting a loss.  But I kinda forgot about that weigh in when I saw the scales on Wednesday morning.

Yet the loss of 5.6 pounds was incredible.  Shock awe and disbelief!

On the way home from work on Wednesday night it just hit me.  Instead of 240.0.  I bet it said 244.0.    I was weighing myself before 5AM so it was  not out of the realm of possibility that I was half asleep, half comatose and just not with it and read it wrong.    

I thought about it the whole drive home.  And then I remembered that sneak peek on the scales that showed me down by about a pound...only a day or two before! Hold the horses....that would mean a 4 pound loss in just a flu that caused vomit, diarrhea and lack of eating either!    It was not looking good for my great weigh in!

So on Thursday I weighed myself 243.2 and this morning (Friday) 243.0. So yeah....I’m going to go with 244.0 as my weight for Wednesday.

Am I disappointed?  No not really.  That is STILL a loss of 1.6 pounds  for the week and 3.2 for the month.   How can I be upset with that???

So yes...welcome to my re-tard moment!


jen said...

oooops ....glad I not the only one that has retard moments

BUT still I agree a great month...well done.

Lynn said...

Sometimes my scale freaks out and tells me a really low number. I wonder why that number is always wrong...and the higher ones never seem to be!

Sarah said...

Still moving in the right direction.