Monday, November 11, 2013

Because it says to do it

So far so good.   I made my workout schedule the other day.   I made it on Thursday or Friday and typical of me, I didn't really kick in any working out until Sunday.  Yeah yeah yeah, I wanted to build up to it...that's the way I roll.  My workout schedule/calendar was put on the refrigerator and I was ready to go...I just had to wait until the first day.

Saturday  night rolled around and as I was heading to bed I looked at Todd and said "I have a run scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I will be waking up early, completing my run and then I will come home and help you do all the stuff that you want to do in the yard."   He had no problems with my plan so I was set. The schedule spoke and that was the way it was going to be.

Sunday morning I woke up and because the 'schedule said it was so' there was no question about what I was doing.   I ran.  Plain and simple.   Now, I have to admit that I was scheduled to run three miles and I miscalculated and only ran 2.7 miles.  Oops.   I'm still happy with myself though!

On the schedule today is zumba.  

The crazy thing?   I've been floundering lately with my eating.  Not really 'bad' eating, but definitely not healthy eating.   Basically 'maintain my weight' eating.   Yesterday I went running.  I did some yard work and house work and hit the shower at about 10 or 11AM.  I was in the shower and ll of a sudden it hit me.  I was filled with a sense of excitement about this journey again.  For the last few months I have been just trudging along on this journey.  I've wanted the end result and I've never lost the desire....but it was a pure chore.   All of a sudden yesterday I was excited about this journey!   I'm not making promises about the future but I'm just saying that right now I am filled with a sense of excitement about this journey!

I have two months (minus 11 days) until the new year.  I am holding steady at right around 220 pounds.  My challenge is to be at 200 by the new year.    I am really trying to not think about the 4 months that I just wasted.  Yes, I wasted them.  I exercised halfway regularly (just not as much running) through that time yet I ate less than stellar and I have pretty much maintained.  What a waste of time.......I could have been at my goal weight if I had trucked on and lost 10 pounds a month.  I could have been at least CLOSE!

Oh well.......looking toward the future and NOT the past! 


Fat Chick said...

I'm glad you've found your excitement again. And, hey, at least you maintained and didn't gain.

Debsdailylife said...

That AHHA moment!!! Love those! And proud of you for getting out there and doing it!!

Leslie said...

You really are doing awesome! It is the day to day stuff that matters most, and you are doing that :)

Darcy Winters said...

Sounds like we are both hitting our stride! Great job!