Monday, November 04, 2013

Blown to bits

So, I went out running this morning.  Ohh the excuses were flying at me full force. "My foot hurts."   "It's pretty dang cold."  "Seriously, there is frost on the car windshield, I don't have time to wait for it to defrost."  "It's getting late."   Yeah, they were flying at me!

I ignored them though.  I actually forgot to even tape my foot because once I started getting dressed the pain miraculously disappeared ..and the pain never reappeared during my run. (Showing that it was in my head this morning).  I just bundled up in warm clothes.  I ran on my road instead of driving to the battlefield or canal.  I overcame every excuse and got out there to run!

However, my run was cut a bit short.  Why you ask.  Well, I usually have strict 'rules and regulations' for getting myself ready to run.   I was trying to overcome the time factor this morning and kinda rushed through them.  I may or may not have skipped a step or two.   Yeah, I skipped the 'make sure the morning bathroom duties are attended to"  Not a big deal?  Yeah, it's a huge deal.  My body works like clockwork...and well...mornings always necessitate a trip to the bathroom.  I didn't take that trip before I ran.  So halfway down my road I was feeling an urge that is not to pleasant when you are a mile away from the bathroom.  I ran a bit over a mile and walked a bit over a mile today.   The good thing?  That mile I ran was the fastest mile I've run in a training run in a long time (and only one or two times EVER did I beat that pace.)  Was I running fast out of necessity?  ha ha ha...NO, I wasn't in dire straights, I was just aware of a future need.

So I was reminded of excuses in my own life today......and blowing those excuses to bits is an awesome feeling!!!


Darcy Winters said...

lol...When I do the big loop at the park - I always have to consider this too. Glad it wasn't an urgent matter!

timothy said...

proud of you!

JenB said...

I hear my hubby and his brother recount some of their potty problems on runs. I'm at home on the treadmill, so no issues for me.

Michele said...

Sometimes we have to just do it! And we surprise ourselves. good for you!

Unknown said...

Haha, oh man I hate needing the bathroom on a run! I actually had to walk about 2 miles because everyone time I tried to run I felt like I would lose control of my bladder! Good for you for going out there and running, I always find an excuse, it needs to stop!

Fran said...

Great job for going out for that run!

I have been lucky that it only happened to me once during a run that I needed to go home FAST because I had to go to the bathroom.