Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spinning wheels

My eating is not spot on...but it's not spot off.  What in the world am I talking about??  Well, I have a caloric goal each day.  I'm not 'quite' reaching that 1200-1300 goal.  I'm getting perilously close (as in I've been about 1400 calories most days this week).  This is a positive.  I'm keeping track...that's the most important part right now! (well, except for today (sunday)

The big news?  I managed to hold onto my weight during the two days of vacation.  I weighed the exact same thing .....exact!  That is absolutely awesome!  I drank my water on Wednesday but failed on Thursday.  So that was my goal for Friday onward.  Stick with my preplanned eating plan and DRINK WATER!  Friday I was excellent  Saturday I didn't do to badly.  Sunday...well I didn't do the greatest.  But I'm not going to let it derail me.   I've got this!

As for my foot.  As for my exercise.  As for .....well I'm going to try to get out for a run either Monday or Tuesday.  I'm set to run the Turkey Trot in our area on Thanksgiving....and well....I'm just going to roll with running as I can. The trick is that I have to have a backup exercise plan IN PLACE so that the weather (we are heading into snowy weather season) and or foot pain does not derail me!
 I am seriously planning on getting a spin bike/exercise bike or whatnot for that resason. (my recumbant bike is just not working correctly) The trainer is still an option, but after talking to my brother I'm leaning away from it.  First of all, his words were "you get what you put into it"  so buying a cheaper (100 buck option) is just that, a cheaper version and you get what you pay  I could go with a higher costing option that would be better but then I'm putting more money into it.    Bottom line, with the trainer you are putting wear on your bike.  Namely the back in you'll be replacing that back tire quite a bit more often.    So my thoughts on the trainer....handy because its space efficiency.  In the long run, if I use it a lot, it's gonna be more costly and probably going to cost me just as much to get a decent bike. 

Soooo..onward I go.  I'm determined to lose weight this week...but it's gonna be rough after today and with the holiday!!  


Alexandria said...

Hang tough. The holiday is hard for most everyone. Keep the faith and keep posting for us to read! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Yes, holidays are hard for me too. But we can do it.

Kiley said...

I thought about getting a bike trainer but I never thought about the wear it would put on the bike. Good to know. And I'm glad you're joining us for the virtual 5Ks!

Lynn said...

I could never eat so little and also exercise. Did your doctor say you need to stick to that calorie range? Not trying to second guess you cause I'm sure you have it figured out, just wondering how you arrived at that. You must be tough...I don't think I could get through my workouts at 1200 calories a day.

Darcy Winters said...

Have you ever talked to a nutritionist or dietician? I know when you are exercising - you actually need more calories, so there is a balance there. I hope you have a fun time with the Turkey Trot. They are having one here...maybe next year!

timothy said...

hang in hon you got it and WOO HOO on not gaining weight!