Monday, July 15, 2013

Start the wheels turning again

Momentum.  I had momentum.  I was gung ho to get this weight off.  I had the momentum of a really good exercise routine on my side.  I had the ball rolling in the right direction and life was going great.
Then I hit a speed bump.   The first speed bump was the pain in my foot. I continued on for a day or two after the pain began, but eventually stopped until I found out what was happening.   My  momentum was altered.  I went to the doctor and decided that for the sake of healing that I would use the elliptical and ride my bike as my forms of exercise.  I started to rebuild my momentum.  I was rolling along (literally hahaha).   And then out of the blue I got hit with another speed bump. The second speed bump was in the form of being sick.   It knocked me out of commission and it took me a while to get back on my feet.  
I was well enough to ride this past weekend.  However, my momentum is gone.  I didn’t ride.  I didn’t make it to the gym to use the elliptical.  I didn’t…I didn’t….I didn’t.  BAD, I know!   I swore that I would get up and ride early this morning.  Did I?   NO.   Not good. 
When the ball is rolling it’s a great thing. The momentum carries you along even when you aren’t feeling it.  But when that momentum comes to a grinding halt it takes a whole bunch to get it moving again.   I’m pushing my shoulder against that big boulder right now trying to get it moving.   I NEED to get it moving for a few reasons.  Number one, exercise is healthy and will help me with my weight loss efforts.  Secondly, I need it for my emotional well being.  Exercise has been a stress reliever….it has a calming effect on my emotions.  I NEED that right now.


twogirlsmama76 said...

Start out small to get back into the groove.It's not for life, it's a small chunk of time that you need to heal. Have you entered any challenges lately? Sometimes we are own worst enemies(fingered pointed at myself). You can do this!

timothy said...

once that ball stops rollin it seems like it settles into arut that's hard to get out of and begin to move gain, I know been there all week but you'll get it back on track as will I, we're both far too stubborn to give up even if we occasionally have off weeks!

Shelley said...

I'm with you on the momentum thing - once I get rolling with the exercise, it's fairly easy to keep up with it, but if I have an off week? Ugh.

At least you know how much better you feel when you are moving, so hopefully that will help get you going again. :)

Fran said...

Like Shelley I know what you mean. I have to keep exercising on a regular base or else I will skip more and more.

I know your groove will come back soon.

Cathy said...

I am hoping that since I am a week and a half behind, your momentum has started rolling again. But I have found that it's the time when I lose momentum, the times when I don't feel like doing anything healthy, those are the times that makes me stronger. If I can start up, get my momentum (I'm using your word, mine is motivation) back, then the next time it falters it's easier to start up again.

The last few months I haven't felt like running, but I've been maintaining. Not making progress, but just maintaining. That is way better than how I would have been a year and a half ago.

You are doing great by the way. :-)