Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How quickly the mind forgets

I headed out this morning to really test out my foot.  Yes, I still have aches in my heel.  I am accepting that I have plantars fasciitis and that means that I will have to learn how to deal with that.  It's a thing of learning to manage I do believe.  SO I'm learning to manage.  I also know that getting the weight off of my body will help the issue!

So I headed out.  I was in my new bright blue shoes.  (ahhh how cool, the shoes match my current KT tape  (which you can't see in this picture).  Not for long...I'm switching to PINK tape after the blue is gone!     I woke up and started to get ready.  It was exactly 5 weeks to the morning since I last ran.  Wow....I was out of practice.  I used to get ready in a few minutes.  Today I was running in circles.  I got dressed then remembered my HRM.  I got that on and then taped my foot (that was my first priority) and headed to the kitchen.  I then remembered the need for my ipod.  I got that and was ready to head out and realized that...DUH, I need headphones.  Yeah, it was NUTS.   Finally I was out and in the car.    I was halfway to where I planned to run and I whacked myself in the forehead....DUH, I forgot my hat!   The hat is important for two reasons.  One, it keeps the sweat somewhat under control as it holds the sweat (yeah, my hats all have sweat stains on them...what of it?).  Secondly, my hair is shorter on top and the hat keeps my hair loosely under control.   Shortly after that discovery I figured out that I didn't have sunglasses either.  OH well......such is life. 

I started running.  I felt pretty good.  I ran for 2.57 miles.  It wasn't fast by any rate.  The five weeks off slowed me down a bit (however, in fairness I wasn't trying to run for speed, I was running just to test the waters).  I felt good.  I probably could have gone further, but I didn't want to push it.   I figured go shorter and see how my body reacts.  Yes, that is me after my run...really bad picture..but you can see the sun behind me (I was running toward the sun of course for part of it) so thus the need for the sunglasses...you can also see my out of control hair!  GRRR

So I was so discombobulated with my preparations that I made another error.....Yeah, what do you notice wrong with the picture to the right?????  Let me give you a hint...the picture was taken AFTER my run.  Yes, by golly.....I forgot to turn on my HRM when I started to run.  DUH.  Ok ok ok, so 5 weeks off threw me off my stride.  I've got this.  My planning and ease will come back!

I have had a goal of 150 miles in the month of July.  I am now about 3 miles from completing that goal.  My plan is to go out tonight on my bike to finish off that challenge.  And yes, I'm setting the challenge again in August.  Only I'm aiming for 200 miles!  :-) 

Soo, I officially had my weigh in this week...and I'm up for 1 pound in the month of July.  Yeah, my weigh in this week was NOT pretty.  I will say that I had chinese and mexican and I've been drinking a LOT of diet soda...so my body has been overloaded on sodium....but you know what...that's excuses.  I also ate not the greatest!   No looking back....looking forward to being back on my game!

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