Sunday, March 28, 2021

Habits versus goals

I read a book.  That alone is not the amazing thing because I read quite a few books.  What is amazing is that this book opened my eyes and really helped me see where I was going wrong with my weight loss journey!

The book that I read was Atomic Habits by James Clear.   This book from the introduction had me shaking my head in agreement.  I knew the content of the book!   Seriously.  We all know the importance of good habits and bad habits! But this book made it all clear!  It talked about how small habits may seem small and inconsequential but those small habits have a way of gathering speed.  These habits then have a way of building upon themselves and the end result is astronomical!   The author gave clear examples of situations that seemed hopeless or insurmountable but someone enacted small changes that seemed inconsequential but when all added together over time produced amazing results!

Just what I needed to hear!

The author talked about how to make good habits more appealing.  He talked about how to make the bad habits less tempting!   Things just as simple as having the fruit bowl on the counter in plain sight can make eating fruit more tempting!   Removing the obstacles in the way helps!   Likewise removing temptation.  Making the process of carrying out the bad habits more difficult will impede our success to completing those bad habits!   

Yes!!!  This makes sense to me!!

The book discusses ways to build more and more habits.  And this book is quite realistic.  It clearly reads in more than one place that perfection and never indulging in a bad habit is an unattainable goal.  But the good habits should put weight the bad habits!

Isn’t this what I have been saying?

For me was in the early stages of the pint hat I had the most eye opening moment.  It was when the author talked about how having goals is great.  But it’s the habits that we need to be focusing on...because the habits will be what brings the success.  

I have been focusing on that goal and not the habits!!!!

So lots of change in my way of thinking is upcoming!  I’m actually excited!!!!   So stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found this book. I have been following a few bloggers who are posting topics on these same lines. It makes so much sense.
Sometimes we need to find what makes sense to us. I am working on the perfection problem. One slip up and I would give up and lose focus. Now I realize I will make mistakes along the way. I just get back to it. I may look for this book as it looks like a good read.

Paula C

MaryFran said...

Oh yes! Get the book! I was on the waiting list at the library for this book for ages! It was well worth the wait!!! The perfection problem is a biggie with me. If I don’t ride that exercise bike right now I feel like I have ruined my ‘perfect streak’ but I know that it’s not perfection I’m looking’s health and fitness and long term sustainability’.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Maybe this book would help me. I keep slipping back into my old habits. One could say falling off wagon.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I need to look this book up. I read a lot. May as well read something positive and helpful! Thanks for the recommendation.

MaryFran said...

It was an eye opening book for me!! It made such sense and the examples they gave cemented it into my head!!!

MaryFran said...

Yes read this one! It was eye opening for me! I read a lot but tend to gravitate toward fiction....I’m trying to sprinkle some positive and helpful books into my reading list this year!!!

Mrs Swan said...

Interesting. As I was reading your statement of the good outweighing the bad it made me think of that 80/20 rule I have read about. 80% good choices and 20% bad.