Monday, April 26, 2021

I did it...but

We had a great weekend....but.    

I started out my weekend on Friday morning.  I had the day off so I spent it with my mom.  We had some random errands to run and we got everything on  
mount list completed so I was happy!   One of the items to do was for me to get a pair of slip on (backless) tennis shoes to wear around the house.   I am hoping that wearing a shoe every time I am on my feet will help eliminate some of this plantar fasciitis mess!  If it helps  I will feel embarrassed that I went a year with pain to only find that wearing shoes 24-7 fixed it...but after 2.5 days I am cautiously optimistic.  My foot does still hurt but it hasn’t been too bad this weekend!  I had some pictures from the day.....but.......

On Saturday we headed out in the morning to one of our mushroom locations!  We were out hiking for about two hours, but that spot was just a dry mushroomless barren ground for us!  I took pictures of the nice scenery though!  BUT........

Since mushroom hunting was a bust, we headed home and grabbed our bikes!  We just went to the canal but we got a nice ride in!  Boy....switching bike seats sure does make my keister hurt!  But it will toughen up!   We enjoyed the fabulous weather, the time in on our  bikes, some light mushroom hunting and the day together!  I took pictures....but!

On Sunday we headed out to our mushroom spot that has been generous with us this year.   We knew that due to the projected weather that this would most likely be the last of the morel mushroom hunting for this year!  Our spot was very generous with us again!  We were out for a few hours...crisscrossing and circling trees....following animal trails...tromping through brush and briars!   I even stopped to take a picture....but.....

About three hours into our successful mushroom hunting expedition I reached down to grab my phone to take a picture!  It was going to be a beauty! phone was not there!!  My phone had somehow become dislodged from my possession!   We used the find my phone feature on my watch and Jason kept calling my phone so that I would know should we be close to my phone and we headed back into the woods.  But we had walked and roamed aimlessly (well not really aimlessly...we covered the woods like a blanket) for three hours prior to me noticing the absence of my phone.  Were we at this tree?  Or was it the tree over there?  Let me see if my phone is close to us.  Nope....we aren’t close enough to the phone...let’s walk a bit further. We never got any reaction from my phone. It was like finding a needle in a haystack.  A needle that we never found. After an hour of searching I admitted defeat.

My only consolation was that my phone was old and was going to have to be replaced within the next year anyway.  Ok, that’s not much of a consolation is it.   I was also consoled that I did have the money to buy another phone outright....but once again...not much of a consolation because that purchase was taking away from my quest to save money for a down payment for a house!

We left the woods and we headed to the store....yup...I am now the owner of a new phone.  And a good chunk of money poorer!  I will say though....the newest iPhone cameras are amazing!   (IPhone 12 Pro Max).   Zoom is crystal clear...even in lower light!  I will be enjoying grabbing pictures!    I just need to figure out how to superglue it to my fingers whilst hiking and mushroom hunting!!

Random facts:
**Luckily I am pretty good about backing up my photos from my phone.  So I only lost about a week or so of pictures!  (Including all the pictures from this weekend)

**I am not planning on downloading the scores of mindless games that I had on my previous phone....they are a mindless waste of time and I feel I would do much better with things that are enriching to my mind.

**I almost caved with the games last night in the middle of the night while I laid in bed wide awake!!  But I held firm and downloaded them NOT!

**An app to post on my this blog was one of the very first things I downloaded.

**Kiwi was the subject that I used to test the camera the most.   (The picture below is zoomed in...I was sitting about 10 -15 feet away!)

**I managed to grab one or two of Jason whilst he was being silly also. But I swore I would not post them on Facebook....bit wait...this isn’t Facebook is it?? Hmmmmm

**This was the first phone I ever lost or broke!!   May it be the last!

**I have been with iPhone since my very first smart phone....which I got so the in a year or so of them coming on the market.  It is what I know and am comfortable with.  Jason loves his Android/galaxy phones.  But I still love him anyway!  Hahaha 

So you get a mostly pictures blog post today!

As for my weight....I showed a maintain but I ate like a starving pig all weekend long...crazy foods...not much healthy about my food intake this weekend!  


Lynn said...

oh no, that is one of my fears, losing my phone! I better back up my photos.

peppylady (Dora) said...

One time a phone of mind went though the washer. Total ruin it...Are you looking for morals.
Coffee is ona and stay safe

*Stained Glass Butterfly* said...

I use Dropbox, and I have it set to automatically back up my photos from my phone. It's been a lifesaver, like when I accidentally delete a picture, because I still have the copy on Dropbox. It won't automatically back up pictures if your battery is low, though.

MaryFran said...

Yes! Keep everything backed up! Luckily my photos were backed up and I only lost a week or so!!!

MaryFran said...

Yes! We were hunting morel mushrooms!

MaryFran said...

I used to have drop box set up. Two phones ago and never set it up when I switched. I forgot about it!!!! I need to do that again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture that phone took is incredible.

Paula C