Sunday, May 01, 2016

Well then

So I was active!   That counts for something right?????  Ok with a start like that there has to be a 'but' in there somewhere and there certainly is!!!   My weight wa sup last week when I did my official weigh in.  My weight was up on Friday morning when I checked the situation...and since I was just downright hungry today And the weather was rainy and overcast this weekend prohibiting long mountainous hikes I don't expect it to be any better tomorrow.

But like I said...I WAS active this last week!   

Monday after work we walked on the canal...

Dam 5 lock house

Charles Mill

On Tuesday I ran 4.17 miles

On Wednesday we walked on the canal (different area)

McMahons Mill

On Thursday I ran 6.19 miles!

On Friday we walked at the City Park

The weather was icky this weekend but I managed a 2 mile run on Saturday morning.    

Sunday...yucky weather so we walked the mall at Tysons Corner....

So I wasn't a sluggard.....(the walks were all 3-4 miles in length at the bare minimum).  It was totally my food choices that just blew my efforts out of the water! I forgot my motivation....the reason for my efforts!  I have been reminded and I'm refocusing!!!


MyStalkerIsFat said...

You have such interesting and pretty places to go walking!

Lori said...

I am glad to see that you are so active. Your food choices will catch up and then you'll be unstoppable!

You've inspired me to get my pedometer out. I hope I remember where I stashed it.