Monday, June 30, 2014

What's with this?

I'm holding on.  My weekend I stayed spot on in terms of the calories. hooves were not the best. I could have done a LOT better in terms of fruits and veggies and water consumption!!!

On that note....I don't know what's up...but for the last 5 days or so I've been an emotional wreck.  I've cried about pretty much everything.  Seriously....I was purging extraneous stuff from my life (books....fiction). and actually started crying when the car was full of goodwill stuff forcing me to stop work until I could empty the car at the local goodwill (thus allowing me to fill the car again).   Yes I cried over something that stupid.  

It's been a struggle to not eat crazy with these emotions pouring through me.  But I've managed to do it. I don't know how...but I'm doing it.  Whatever is up with my can go away any minute now!!!!


Lori said...

I used to get beyond all reason, emotional just before my menstrual cycle. I just thought that was the way it was with everyone and suffered for years an emotional wreck several days each month. When I finally mentioned it to my gyn, she quickly diagnosed PMDD and put me on some medication. I was better the next cycle. I wish I had mentioned it earlier.

All that to say, look around in your life. There is something going on that is causing the strong emotions. Address it before it derails you for years like it did me.

Kyra said...

Well someone already mentioned PMS (I have fun crying at stupid commercials around that time) - but maybe you are under stress and it's related to that?

Suzanne said...

love that quote - So true ! Can't say that I have experienced emotions out of the blue. Whatever it is I hope you find some answers.

Tricia Coniglio said...

I have been lacking motivation and the smallest things bother me. Chin up and good luck finding answers!

Anonymous said...

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Leslie said...

I totally relate to the crying over having to stop and empty out the vehicle. I get so emotional lately. Hang in there girl!!! yOu are doing so awesome :)

Michele said...

Love that quote! It is so true! I hope you keep at it. It si hard at times, but if not now, when will you?

Kerstin said...

It could be PMS but I think it's more likely related to your weight loss journey. As you are shedding pounds you are also shedding emotional layers. And especially something like purging our stuff can trigger a kind of mourning. I think it's great that you allowed yourself to cry and did not stuff the sadness down with food!