Sunday, June 01, 2014

The end of the Vacation Trilogy

You know...vacation came.   But life continued on.  We got home on Thursday night.  I  spent quite a bit of time pouring over pictures.  I spent time updating my website where I chronicle neon signs.  Yeah yeah yeah, I am infatuated with neon and ghost signs.  

But life continued on and those normal duties that life throws at us had to be done.  Groceries had to be purchased. Laundry had to be washed.  The yard had to be mowed.  Yes, I did all of those things.  (Yes, push mowing...a few hours worth.... so that's good exercise at least!)    Todd spent the time working on the next step of this never ending backyard project.  This backyard project started as an 8x8 pad for a hot tub.....then that pad became 10x10 because it would be nice to have a little area to step on....that grew to 20 feet.   And when that sized patio was done we decided we didn't want the hot tub sitting on that patio...we liked the big we built a 10x10 deck on to the edge of the patio.   Then we decided that the steps off of the old deck (one we put in ages ago...before the patio was even a twinkle in the eye) would take up too much space on the we decided to build a landing at the end of those steps and do a walkway around to the hot tub....that walkway turned into a deck walkway...and just today we finished that 'decking walkway'  which turned into another 10x10 extension....ha ha ha.   Next up flower box on the end of that extention.  (pardon the construction zone....and why yes....that was the chaise lounge I relaxed on while hubby worked today!!!  Hey, my work was done!!!!)
I'd like to say that the eating out and food-a-pa-looza ended when we got home...but it didn't.   We still ate out.  The good thing about my wasn't snacky binge eating.  For the most part it was three square meals a day.  :-)    Here I am at one of our local chinese restaurants.  Hmmmm...wonder if that says Coke on the glass.

That said, I am SOOO ready to get back to healthy eating!!!   I have my food prepped!

 And I've already restarted the water consumption.  I'm tired of diet soda....which was primarily what I drank on vacation.  Water never tasted as good!

13 hours left and I'm ready to ROCK my healthy lifestyle.  PRoud that I didn't fall totally off the wagon....three square meals a day is healthy.  Limited desserts is healthy.  (And split with hubby at that).  I think I did a fair job!!!


Michelle said...

What's the salad with the corn? that looks delicious!!

Kyra said...

Now I'm wondering what that cup says too! LOL

Michele said...

I think one of the signs that your weight loss and getting healthy journey will stick is when you can take a vacation and not blow your efforts by binging. Looks like you did a great job!

Rachel Cori said...

The salad does look delicious! I want to know what's in it too. Looks like you had fun. Thanks for your encouraging words last month. One day at a time!

Fran said...

Happy to hear you had a great vacation. The bad part of that is always coming home where life goes on like usual if not busier because of all the things that have to be done.

Try to hold on to your vacation feeling a little bit longer.

MaryFran said...

The bean/ corn salad recipe is located here