Thursday, June 19, 2014

I tried!!!

This morning I got up.  I knew that I planned to ride my road bike.  I was determined to do it!   My bike still scares me.   I know it hurt last year....and I know that simply changing a tire is STILL an elusive skill that I can't manage on my lite speed road bike (I can do my trek tires slick as a whistle).  So round about 8am I pulled out my bike.  I started to pump up the tires and ready my bike.  Hmmmm. Something just wasn't my pump going bad or am I just stupid?   Seriously?   How difficult can it be???  (Apparently quite difficult).   Finally I deemed my bike ready.   I threw on my clothes, dumped some water in a water bottle (whih I promptly left on the kitchen table ....luckily didn't notice it's absence until my return home) and out the door I went.

I haven't been on my bike yet this year (bad MaryFran) so I took a bit of time to clip in and out once or twice before heading off.


The open air!  The breeze on my face!  The....what's that noise?  It was like a dull thud...but only when I was actively pedaling.  I slowed down.....chanting 'clips clipc clips' and safely came to a stop with one foot resting on the ground. My tires seemed to be fine. The bike seemed to be fine so I clipped in and off I went again.

Thud thud thud.  Ok not really even a thud...more like just a vibration...a feeling in the bike....something was not right. 

I slowed down, clipped out and stopped again.  Once again everything seemed fine...the tire felt a bit warm to the touch...but let's face's hot outside so maybe that's not too uncommon. (Yes I know most people probably don't run around feeling for the temperature on their bike tires....I'm half nutty, I know it!!).  

At that point I KNEW that something was off kilter.   Could I have just not pumped the tire up the whole way (with my retarded pump/or user error)??   Could it have a slow leak (or fast leak?)???  Could there be another issue??  Hell could it all be in my head (pretty sure not)???   Regardless, I didn't want to get any further away from home...I tuned myself around and headed home.   So, I managed to take the shortest bike ride ever.   1.54 miles.  

I was totally bummed.  I am also disgusted with the fact that I'm letting my  bike get the best of me in regards to my fears.    And honestly, now that I'm at work I am slapping my forehead thinking 'why didn't I grab my trek and go out on the canal....duh!'

Good lower back handled that 1.54 miles like a champ!   My hip/arse cheek pain did twinge but not enough to make me cry out in pain.    

So onward to different three of eating.   I was 70 calories over the top end of my eating allowance.   Not exactly spot on.  But I'm ok with it.   I was that's why I'm ok with it!!!

How active???   I ran early in the morning!   It was a brutal run!  My legs ached and it was hot!

Todd and I then went for a nice hike!! It was warm but not overly overbearing.      Sorry no picture!  

Then I went for another hike later in the afternoon.  The afternoon hike near about killed me!!!  It was hotter than hades!!!   It wasn't a long walk....but I found a door to an old coal stove that I carted home.   I'm debating different options ...a wall hanging...a out stool...ohhh lots of things.   It just spoke to me!!!!

Today at work I plan on organizing my stuff to take to the gal that will hopefully be illustrating my kids book.  Yes, I wrote this years ago as a lark but my artistic abilities in terms of drawing are slim to none.  So I am tickled to possibly get this book done.   Maybe published (self or otherwise)....but done.   Unfinished projects need to become completed projects...I'm tired of stuff hanging over my head!!!!

So I'm holding on.   I am utterly focused on my calorie intake.   I am taking sneak peaks at the scales (don't hate me...I'm an everyday weigher) and I'm anxious to see what the results will bee this week.   Or rather in anxious to see what the results will be at the end of two weeks.   Lately I can hold it together for one week hutc ace on week two.   And maybe...just maybe...if I am lucky I can reach July 11 and be back at the same weight I was last year.  (That is roughly 220 pounds....I was actually skirtig with 218 at the beginning of that week and on the morning of July 11 I was 210....but probably because of the case of flu I had been subjected to). So I'm gong with 220.   Long shot...considering last Friday I was 235...but I'm going to give it a gung  ho go!!!


LuckyMama said...

Mary Fran - you're awesome! You aren't letting the little hiccups stump you!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh that paranoid feeling is all to familiar. After I changed the back tire tube & went out on a ride I kept hearing everything!! and thinking "did I install it right?, is it going to go flat?, do I have a bent rim etc..."

timothy said...

you have hated that silly bike since you got it, mayhaps you should just use the trek you love. sometimes it's ok to make a conscious decision that something isn't right for you assuming it's not out of fear/laziness (neither of which are a problem for you) you know you better than anyone so go with your gut/heart/mind and you'll be fine!

Lori said...

Good for you for starting the ride after all you went through to be able to. I probably would have packed it in when the pump didn't work.

Besides, with your hip pain you probably need to work up to a long mileage.

Leslie said...

Wow girl!!! Your Rock!!! I can not wait to see your children's book :) You are pushing yourself so hard.

Tiffany said...

Hope you got it figured out and good luck with your goal my friend.