Thursday, June 05, 2014


Vacation was great.   I had a nice time.  We relaxed and more importantly, I stepped back from everything.  Some people may say I shouldn't have stepped back from exercise, but it just didn't work out.   We just ambled through the days (ok, some days were hectic and filled).  It was great.

Then reality hit and I returned to work.  And more importantly I returned to real life.  I worked until 6 each night....I did zumba step on Monday, I went to the gym with Shantel on Tuesday.  I did zumba step on Wednesday.  Each night I got home no earlier than 8...and I proceeded to make dinner.  I then cleaned up.  That doesn't give much time for much in my evenings.  I'm making plans...and I KNOW I need to run consistently to improve my time and succeed in my goals.  So there is three mornings a week.  I want to ride.....but when????   Seriously?  It's only been 5 days and already the laundry is piled up..and chores are stacking up around me.   Cat fur that has been shed  is padding under your feet right????   When am I to find the time?  How can I fit this all into my schedule.  How did I do it before??????   I'm overwhelmed and just feeling like I'm sinking!!!

At least I'm moving!  I have my timetonighttomorrow morning andtomorrow evening micro managed on a schedule!  Tonight after work first up it's walking with Sherry!  Maybe if I micro manage my time for a bit I can get everything done!!!!


timothy said...

just keep on keepin on darlin, that's how you were doin it before!

Kyra said...

You just have to find your rhythm again. :) It's still there, somewhere!