Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Food, fellowship and exercise...good times!

First day back from vacation.....what a killer!!!!  It went on SOOOOOOO long.  I just wanted to moan the whole day!  (Oh wait, I did moan about it!)

I stuck to my guns though....water only all day!  My calories were a bit over, but I'm OK with that.  My body totally got kicked off of my normal routine of meals and it was a rough adjustment yesterday to try to get myself back into line (I usually eat lunch at 2 on workdays....I work until 6....and go to zumba after work so dinner isn't until 8 at the earliest.....on vacation I ate lunch at 11 or 12.....BIG difference!)
After work I went to zumba.  Last night was zumba step.  Ho-lee cow....that class is tough under normal conditions.  The conditions yesterday was rough....a week with minimal exercise. A week with lots of heavier foods...lacking fruits and veggies.  My legs were HEAVY!  I didn't let that stop me though!  I plodded through the workout.

After the class I was standing there talking to some friends and somehow they ended up over at my house.  I made a frozen pizza (seriously, I almost always have a frozen pizza in my freezer.....it's a wonderful emergency meal!)....we shared some watermelon.....and some summer salad.  (the summer salad.......that is the bean salad in the pic below...and from my last blog post...

The salad is super easy to make.....quick, quite tasty, nutritional and relatively cheap! 

Yes, I served fine dining to my friends. Frozen pizza...paper plates....nothing but the best (but totally off the cuff...I wasn't planning on making dinner...I was just going to have a PB&J)

Then into the hot tub we went for a nice long soak of our abused muscles....and a long conversation!

Terri, Paula and Moi
Todd left us girls to our own devices........mostly!
So day one post vacation and I survived.  Day two has begun.  My food is planned...my exercise is planned.  Now to just stick to the plan!  I've got this!!!!!!


*A Strong New Me* said...

What exactly was Todd doing in that picture? Ha ha.

Leslie said...

That sounds like an awesome first day back from vacation.


timothy said...

I feel your pain about that 1st day back mine is tomorrow! lol glad you did well and hang in!

Tricia Coniglio said...

I was just craving pizza today! I will have to have some this weekend. Hot tub looks fun & glad to hear about meal planning/exercise planning.