Sunday, June 22, 2014

What is Normal

I've talked at normality so many times.  I've moaned about the fact that I want to be normal.  I don’t want to constantly be the girl that is watching her weight.  I want to live normally.  I want to eat normally!!!!  I want to eat like a normal human being!!!   I've come to terms with this desire so many times throughout my personal weight loss journey.  

I've written more than once about this.  I've written about how I noticed that a super thin gal I worked with who seemingly ate everything in site was actually eating 1 bite of something and calling her self satisfied….and she would save the rest and eat another bite the next day.   Yes, seriously?  She did that with cheesecake.  Me, I would have wanted two pieces of cheesecake….let alone one bite!

The first time I lost my weight I did it in my own personal style.   I did most of it via the weight watchers program.   I quickly figured out (at least at that time) that there were some ‘free foods’.  These were foods that were so low in calories and points that they didn't count toward your daily points.  Green beans anyone?   Would you like a serving of sauerkraut with that????  Yes, green beans and sauerkraut were freebies.  I ate the heck out of green beans and sauerkraut.  Oh yes I did.  Everyday in my lunchbox I ate green beans and sauerkraut.  They worked to fill me up and in that way the quantity of food I was eating was not affected.   It worked…..surprisingly well it worked!

OK, maybe it didn't work all that well……eventually I got sick of them.......for a while just saying green beans and/or sauerkraut made me want to hurl!  Yeah, I OD’d on them!

This time around, I’m taking a different approach.  I’m actually working on quantity.  Yes, I’m still supplementing my daily eating with low calorie foods.  But I’m also learning that a half sandwich can do the trick in place of a full sandwich.   The other morning for breakfast I made breakfast pizza.  Typically I would scarf down 2-3 pieces of this delightfully delicious food.  The other morning I had one piece and then rounded it out with a serving of applesauce (homemade of course).   When I was done did my mind tell me that I wanted another piece?   Of course it did.  Habits don’t just go away.   I just ignored the call of the pizza while I packed it up.  And guess what?  I survived just fine with just one piece.  Was I hungry by the time lunch rolled around?  Of course I was…..but that’s not a bad thing.

Normal…....I think I may be FINALLY understanding what normal is.  Normal is not eating rabbit food exclusively.  Normal is not eating one bite of food.  Normal is eating the foods that I like, but doing it in a way that STILL fits into my caloric count is the way to go.   It’s not rocket science.  I can still have the breakfast pizza….I just can’t have half of the darn pizza (at 313 calories a slice)….I can’t even really afford two pieces. (626 calories total…as that’s half of my days allotment).  But I can have one slice…that fits into my day quite nicely!!!!   I’m being normal! 

I put miles and miles on my legs last week.   I ran on my own.  I walked with Sherry.  I even got some walks in with Todd!   

Today, Sunday was a CRAZY day.   I woke up and headed out run.  It was the run for this months virtual 5k that I am participating in.  So far I've done every run!  YIPPEE!!!   Today was in 39 minutes.  
After my run, I sat down beside my car and pulled out my lunch box...or should I actually say my breakfast box?   I enjoyed my cantaloupe and some string cheese while I relaxed for about 15 minutes.

After my picnic breakfast I only had a few minutes to rest before Sherry arrived.  We walked just shy of 4.5 miles...and hit the HILLY section.   YIKES!

I got home shortly after 9 and Todd and I threw the bikes on the car and headed out!   Oh yes, we went biking!

Why yes, I was SOOO hungry by lunch time.    I actually didn't really go off the rails with my eating...but I didn't eat 'spot on'.    I decided to not sweat it at all.  I enjoyed my food.  I wasn't stuffed when I left the restaurant.  Furthermore, I had already burned MAD MAD calories and it was only lunch time!!!!!

After lunch we ran into one or two stores and then headed home.  I was already tired....and even told Todd that I could take a nap.  However, upon arriving home I jumped right into my afternoon.  

Mowing.....Push mowing!!!!!!   I didn't time it....exactly.  I know was about 3 hours....I only counted 2 hours in my exercise app.   

So the final calorie count for my earned activity calories?   3178.   I  actually ate over my self imposed 'spot on 1200-1300 budget' for the day.  NO worries.  I was only at 1900 calories for the day.    So even though it was over budget I'm going to call today's eating a victory!!!


Leslie said...

Girl, you are doing so awesome! I am really working on the portions as well.

Suzanne said...

Good job! It feels great knowing you have all those extra calories. I love that feeling. It was a pretty weekend for biking too. I had to take advantage of at least one of the days. It doesn't look very promising for this weekend. In my area it looks like some rain. Glad you had a great weekend :)

*A Strong New Me* said...

I know what you mean about wanting to feel normal and not be counting calories and worried about what you are eating all the time. I think we can get there, as we keep building good habits.

What a great, active day! Sounds fun too.

Tricia Coniglio said...

Push mowing for 3 hours??!! Yikes, that sounds like torture.

I want a bike to ride around on, that would be so fun.

Kerstin said...

Boy, I so get this about wanting to be "normal" and not having so many emotions attached to every bite I put into my mouth. This is a great post! I have just started my weight loss journey (yes, for the umpteenth time, too) and am trying to do things a bit differently. I think the Intuitive Eating principals help a lot towards the "normal" and I couple them with my own plan that helps me keep control of portion sizes and the types of foods I eat. Still playing around with what works best but I think you have definitely hit it on the nail about eating what we like in moderation. I try to combine that with foods that I know satisfy me (for me, this means less carbs and more protein and fats). Your physical activity is impressive and I love that photo of you and your hubby cycling :)